Is Arkana Airdrop Legit or Scam | How To Claim Airdrop

In this blog post, we would be discussing about the newly launched arkana airdrop that has been trending for a while. The airdrop claims to reward participating users with arkana coins to appreciate them for supporting the arkana platform.

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Arkana is a co-membership platform powered by web3 technology. The platform claims it embodies the spirit of openness and collaboration from the web3 network and brings it into web2 businesses and communities.

Arkana is a special platform that uses web3 technology to bring people together. It’s like a hub where ideas can grow and businesses can work together. The platform mixes the best parts of web3 networks with regular businesses and groups, creating a network where everyone helps each other succeed.

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The main goal of Arkana is to connect businesses and communities so they can grow together. The idea is that when people and businesses share their ideas, skills, and resources, everyone benefits. This network allows them to not only survive but also make positive changes in the world.

Arkana uses cool technology to make the user experience fun. People can collect digital items like memberships, vouchers, and badges. These are like special digital things that belong to the users. It’s a new way of owning and enjoying digital content.

One exciting part of Arkana is that it rewards users for valuable actions. Businesses can connect with their customers by giving them rewards for things like making a purchase, completing surveys, or bringing in new customers. This helps businesses build loyalty with their customers and strengthens the bond between them.

Arkana also adds a game-like element to make things interesting. Users can earn points for daily activities like logging in, playing games, and completing missions. This gamified approach encourages people to be active and engaged in the community.

How To Claim Arkana Airdrop

Arkana provides various ways and avenues for you to win free arkana tokens. You can win these tokens by participating in the various reward programs arkana provides. These reward programs can be found in the rewards section on arkana website at YOu need points to participate in any arkana reward. To get points, you need to have purchased arkana tokens. The number of tokens you have determines the number of points you have.

Below are the various rewards available on arkana.

  1. Win IDR $40 in crypto weekly:
    Get a chance to win $40 weekly. The winner will be announced 24 hours on @arkanahq Instagram story. So make sure you follow @arkanaHQ Instagram!. The winner (s) of this raffle must agree to submit their instagram, twitter or threads.
  2. AssetLink Airdrop Blitz #2 | WIN $50 in $ASET 5 Winners!
    Get a chance to win $50 in $ASET for 5 Winner. You need 100 points to participate in this raffle.
  3. $JUMP Christmas Raffle
    To do this mission, you need to buy raffle tickets with your arkana points. This raffle ends on 04/01/2024.
  4. Win 5000 $ZETA Tesnet
    Get a chance to win 5000 $ZETA Tesnet for 10 Winner. You need 100 points to participate in this raffle.
    This raffle ends at 30/12/2023. The winner will be announced 24 hours on @arkanahq Instagram story.


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