Rufus And Bee Price List 2024

Rufus and bee is a game arcade in Nigeria that allow fun seekers to have fun while playing all kinds of games like star wars, buzzer, etc. It also houses a restaurant and a sport bar where you can eat food and enjoy yourself after playing games. If you are looking for a nice place for you and your friends to hang out and have a nice time, then rufus and bee should be among your list.

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In this post, we would be discussing about rufus and bee, everything about it and the price list to of the various activities you can participate in when you are there.

Activities You can Participate at Rufus and Bee

  1. Arcade Games: Play a variety of arcade games that include classics like Pac-Man, air hockey, racing games, and more.
  2. Bowling: Enjoy a game of bowling with friends or family on the bowling lanes.
  3. Karaoke: Sing your heart out with karaoke sessions, showcasing your favorite songs.
  4. Billiards/Pool: Test your skills with a game of billiards or pool.
  5. Board Games: Engage in strategic and fun board games available at Rufus and Bee.
  6. Table Tennis: Play a fast-paced game of table tennis with friends.
  7. Virtual Reality Games: Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality gaming experiences.
  8. Foosball: Compete in exciting foosball matches with your friends.
  9. Darts: Try your hand at precision with dart games available at the venue.
  10. Mini Golf: Enjoy a round of mini-golf, showcasing your putting skills.
  11. Shuffleboard: Engage in a friendly game of shuffleboard.
  12. Card Games: Participate in card games such as poker or Uno.
  13. Themed Events: Check for special themed events or parties hosted at Rufus and Bee for added entertainment.
  14. Food and Drinks: Enjoy a variety of food and beverages available at the venue.
  15. Live Entertainment: Depending on the schedule, there may be live performances or entertainment.

Rufus And Bee Price List

Buzzcard Purchase (#3,000):

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When you get to rufus and bee, you need to purchase a rechargeable buzz card for 3,000 naira. This buzz card allow you to top up with game chips which you can use to play games. You can purchase any number of game chips. Below is the price list of the game chips

Game Chips Purchase


Games Price List

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