Is Legit or Scam started its platform in 2018. It helps businesses reach lots of new customers quickly. They also make sure payments are safe and provide customer support. Arte offers many services, like managing delivery and understanding the market, to help businesses sell more online.

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In the online selling world, it’s important for workers to be fast and use automation. Arte has a lot of experience in this area, so they’re a good partner for businesses looking to improve how they sell things online. Arte allow people make money by paying them to advertise for big brands and ecommerce stores.

How works is an advertising company that helps big ecommerce brands to advertise their products. So Artegroup basically employ taskers or people who want to make money to perform the task of advertising the ecommerce products like sharing it in social media, etc.

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To start making money on Artegroup, you need to join a vip level. The minimum vip level is 0. When you create an account, you automatically becomes a vip level 0 member and you get access to 2 daily tasks and earn $0.2 daily (each task costs $0.1) for 4 days. To upgrade to a higher vip level and get access to more tasks, you need to pay an upgrade fee. Vip Levels

These are the amount each vip levels pay daily.

VIP LevelInitial CostDaily TasksJoin Now
VIP 0$02$0.10
VIP 1$50.003$0.50
VIP 2$75.0010$1.00
VIP 3$160.0011$2.00
VIP 4$300.0014$3.00
VIP 5$1000.0013$11.00
VIP 6$2700.0015$27.00
VIP 7$6000.0015$60.00
VIP 8$9500.0018$80.00
VIP 9$16000.0026$100.00
VIP 10$38000.0050$120.00

How To Deposit

The currency used by is usdt, so to fund your wallet, you would need to have some usdt coins which you would transfer to the usdt wallet address on your dashboard. When the transfer is successful, then your account would be credited immediately

How To Withdraw

To withdraw your earnings, Login to your dashboard and clock on the Withdraw button, then enter your usdt wallet address and then click the submit button. After some minutes, you would receive it in your wallet.

Make Money From Referrals

When you refer people to, below is how much you earn

  • 30USDT for a 24-hour team deposit of 500USDT
  • 100USDT for a 24-hour team deposit of 1000USDT
  • 24 Hour Team Deposit 2000USDT, Bonus 220USDT
  • 24 Hour Team Deposit 5000USDT, Bonus 600USDT
  • 24 Hour Team Deposit 10,000USDT, Bonus 1500USDT
  • 5,000 USDT for a 24-hour team deposit of 50,000 USDT
  • 10,000 USDT for a 24-hour Team Deposit of 100,000 USDT

Is Legit? is a scam. Currently as we speak there are no evidence of payment or withdrawal proofs from the website, so we cannot guarantee the platform pays its investors. Be careful before investing in this platform. The platform seems like one of these cryptocurrencies


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