Is Legit or Scam?

Rwe ( is a new investment platform in Nigeria. The company is a renewable energy focussed business thats focussed on making renewable energy mainstream. The company is soliciting investments from people. When you invest in, you earn daily returns based on the amount you invested.

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With more than 125 years of successful history, RWE claims to have undergone fundamental changes and is now a leading supplier of renewables worldwide.

The company wants to phase out coal by 2030. RWE employs around 19,000 people worldwide and has a clear target: to get to net zero by 2040.

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How To Join

  • Register a new account with this registration link
  • Fill in your details like your full name, email address and phone number
  • click on the register button to complete the registration process

How To Make Money On

There are 3 major ways you can make money on and we would be talking about all of them below.

1. Make Money Via Investing

The major way to make money is from investment. When you invest in any investment package, you earn about 24% -50% returns on investment daily

Project NamePercentage ReturnTotal RevenueDaily RevenueMinimum Investment
30DaysPhotovoltaic project720%₦36000₦1200₦5000
30DaysOffshore wind farm Triton Knoll960%₦480000₦16000₦50000
30DaysSolar parks Vauxhall and Hull780%₦78000₦2600₦10000
30DaysOnshore wind farm Nawrocko1050%₦1050000₦35000₦100000
30DaysCombined energy storage and photovoltaics840%₦252000₦8400₦30000
project Iron Horse.
30DaysOffshore wind farm Arkona1140%₦3420000₦114000₦300000
30DaysSolar project West of Pecos900%₦540000₦18000₦60000
30DaysRSA Datacenter-MontgomeryOnshore wind farm1260%₦7560000₦252000₦600000

2. Make Money Via Daily Checkin

Another fasinating way you can earn income on rwe is by daily checkin. When you log into your dashboard daily, you earn 100 naira. To claim your daily checkin bonu, all you need to do is to just login to your dashboard and then click on the checkin icon at the top right hand corner as show in below picture.

3. Make Money From Referrals

When you refer someone to join rwe and the person make an investment, you will receive 25% of level 1 referral’s recharge amount as commission, 4% of Level 2 and 1% of Level 3.

How To Withdraw

To withdraw your earnings, you first need to bind your account by groing to settings and clicking “My bank Info”. After binding your account details, you can now make withdrawals when you get to the minimum withdrawal amount of 1,000 naira. To make withdrawals, login to your dashboard, and on the homepage, click on the Withdraw button, then on the new page, select the bank account you already binded and then enter the amount you want to withdraw.

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