Is Astrokash Legit or Scam? –

A new Ponzi scheme called AstroKash has been launched, and it promises lucrative earnings and referral rewards to its participants. However, behind the enticing promises lies a risky and unsustainable investment model that could leave many individuals at a loss. In this blog post, we will delve into how AstroKash works, how to make money from it, the risks involved, and why it is crucial to exercise caution before getting involved.

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What is AstroKash?

AstroKash presents itself as a platform that offers its members the opportunity to earn money through referrals and completing tasks on social media. Participants are encouraged to share their referral links across various platforms, enticing others to join and earn ₦300 for each successful signup. Additionally, they claim to provide an instant bonus of ₦1,200 upon registration.

One of the main attractions of AstroKash is the promise of quick and easy money. The pays ₦300 for each referral and a chance to win ₦30,000 weekly for the top referrers. The appeal of such earning potentials can be tempting, especially in a challenging economic climate where many individuals seek alternative sources of income.

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How To Make Money On Astrokash

  1. To make money on astrokash, copy and share your referral link to your friends and family across all social media platforms, groups and earn ₦300 when they signup using your link. Join the leaderboard of top referral Earners and stand a chance to win ₦30,000 weekly and other cash Prizes
  2. You also get instant bonus money of ₦1,200 when you newly sign up on the platform.
  3. You also earn ₦300 For Referral Bonus and Withdrawal threshold is ₦4000.


The Risk of Account Termination:

Kindly note the following:

  • AstroKash explicitly warns against creating multiple accounts with referral links. They claim to have a detection system in place that permanently deletes accounts found to engage in such activities. Participants caught violating this rule may face severe consequences.
  • Participants are urged to carefully follow the instructions provided for completing tasks and sharing referral links. Failure to comply may result in delayed or withheld withdrawal payments and even account termination. This further highlights the lack of transparency and accountability in the scheme’s operations.


Is Legit?

AstroKash operates on a typical Ponzi scheme model, where early investors are paid returns using the investments of newer investors. As the scheme grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain payouts, and eventually, it collapses, leaving the majority of participants with losses. History has shown that Ponzi schemes like this are not sustainable and often lead to financial ruin for those involved.

While AstroKash may appear appealing on the surface, it is crucial to recognize the risks involved in participating in such schemes. Ponzi schemes like this have a history of leaving investors empty-handed and disappointed. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise extreme caution and refrain from getting involved in any scheme that promises unrealistically high returns without a legitimate and sustainable business model.



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