Is gmg Legit or Scam?

There is a new investment company in town called GMG group which stands for Graphene Manufacturing Group. The company Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) claims its an investment company based in Canada that specializes in graphene production and other applications. It promises high returns to Nigerians who invest in its platform. In this blog post, we would unravel if this company is legit or is a scam. Recently a lot of fraudulent investment companies have been popping up in Nigeria, they promise users high return and at the end of the day shut down and run away with users funds. This is why we are making this review so as to advice our users so they dont fall victims to these fraudulent schemes.

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GMG claims it is a legitimate clean-technology company that has successfully developed its proprietary production process for manufacturing Graphene powder. This process yields high-quality, scalable, and contaminant-free graphene at a low cost.

Unfortunately GMG investment cloned the information and logo of the real Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd to deceive unsuspecting victims into believing it is a legitimate investment opportunity.  Gmg operates as a high-yield investment program (Ponzi scheme), promising a staggering 750% return on investments. Investigative efforts have revealed that the platform is not owned by Australians or Americans, as speculated, but by fraudulent Nigerian scammers

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How To Make Money On GMG

Start by creating an account with this registration link.

To make money on gmg, you need to invest in one of their investment packages. The Ponzi platform uses the website to process or display account details for potential victims. Fraudsters have sent messages enticing people to invest, promising lucrative returns. Their investment packages includes:

  • Invest 4,000 and get 1,000 daily, totaling 30,000 monthly.
  • Invest 8,000 and get 2,000 daily, totaling 60,000 monthly.
  • Invest 15,000 and get 3,750 daily, totaling 112,500 monthly.
  • Invest 30,000 and get 7,500 daily, totaling 225,000 monthly.
  • Invest 70,000 and get 17,500 daily, totaling 525,000 monthly.

Is Gmg Legit?

Gmg is a scam and a ponzi scheme. The authentic Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd has issued a formal warning, stating that it is not marketing investment opportunities in Nigeria. Based on our review, we discovered that the GMG investment group also known as gmgtrys operates as a ponzi scheme and its not regulated by any authority, raising concerns about its legitimacy.

A lot of people have also complained about how the platform has scammed them. Numerous complaints and reviews labels GMG as a Ponzi scheme, as it seemed to use new investors’ money to pay earlier investors instead of generating real profits. Eventually, the company collapsed, and investors lost substantial amounts of money.

The lack of transparency and unsustainable operations contributed to GMG’s downfall. The company’s CEO, Craig Nicol, faced arrest and exposed disreputable behavior.

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