Is Bbhtv Legit or Scam? (

BBH ( is a newly launched money making platform that allows users make money on its platform just by performing simple tasks.

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How To Join & Make Money on BBHTV

To start making money on bbhtv, you need to start by creating an account.

After you create an account, you would automatically be on Level 0 (Intern). At this level, you do not need to deposit any money and you can perform up to 5 tasks daily to earn 500naira. (each tasks costs 100 naira.).

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To perform more tasks and earn more money daily, you need to upgrade to higher levels. has 10 levels. Each level has a security deposit you need to pay to upgrade.

BBH Earning Structure

LevelSecurity DepositTask QuantityPrice UnitDaily WagesMonthly WagesAnnual Wages
P 115000510050015000182500
P 23003010100100030030365000
P 384000152003000900301095000
P 42520003030090002700003285000
P 565000050500250007500009125000
P 615800007580060000180000021900000
P 748000001601250200000600000073000000
P 89600000250160040000012000000146000000
P 9240000004002500100000030000000365000000


Intern: Interns do not need to pay any deposit. They have 5 tasks each day. They earn 100 NGN for each task, which adds up to 500 NGN daily. They do this for four days during their internship.

P 1: For P1, the deposit is 15,000 NGN. They complete 5 tasks daily, earning 100 NGN for each task. So, P1 workers can make 500 NGN every day, 15,000 NGN each month, and a total of 182,500 NGN in a year. P1 tasks remain valid for one year.

P 2: P2 workers need a deposit of 30,000 NGN. They handle 10 tasks per day, earning 100 NGN for each task. This totals to 1,000 NGN daily, 30,000 NGN monthly, and 365,000 NGN annually. P2 tasks are valid for a year.

P 3: For P3, the deposit is 84,000 NGN. They manage 15 tasks daily, earning 200 NGN for each task. This sums up to 3,000 NGN daily, 90,000 NGN monthly, and 1,095,000 NGN annually. P3 tasks are valid for one year.

P 4: P4 requires a deposit of 252,000 NGN. They handle 30 tasks each day, earning 300 NGN for each task. So, P4 employees can make 9,000 NGN every day, 270,000 NGN each month, and a total of 3,285,000 NGN in a year. P4 tasks remain valid for one year.

P 5: For P5, the deposit is 650,000 NGN. They complete 50 tasks daily, earning 500 NGN for each task. This adds up to 25,000 NGN daily, 750,000 NGN monthly, and 9,125,000 NGN annually. P5 tasks are valid for one year.

P 6: P6 workers need a deposit of 1,560,000 NGN. They handle 75 tasks per day, earning 800 NGN for each task. This totals to 60,000 NGN daily, 1,800,000 NGN monthly, and 21,900,000 NGN annually. P6 tasks remain valid for one year.

P 7: For P7, the deposit is 4,800,000 NGN. They manage 160 tasks daily, earning 1250 NGN for each task. This sums up to 200,000 NGN daily, 6,000,000 NGN monthly, and 73,000,000 NGN annually. P7 tasks are valid for one year.

P 8: P8 workers need a deposit of 9,600,000 NGN. They handle 250 tasks each day, earning 1600 NGN for each task. So, P8 employees can make 400,000 NGN every day, 12,000,000 NGN each month, and a total of 146,000,000 NGN in a year. P8 tasks remain valid for one year.

P 9: For P9, the deposit is 24,000,000 NGN. They complete 400 tasks daily, earning 2500 NGN for each task. This adds up to 1,000,000 NGN daily, 30,000,000 NGN monthly, and 365,000,000 NGN annually. P9 tasks are valid for one year.

Make Money From Referrals

You can make a lot of money from referrals. When you invite someone to the platform, you earn a commission.

Different levels offer various rewards when you recommend someone to join:

  • For P1: You can earn 1800 NGN if your referral becomes P1, and lesser amounts for referrals of lower levels.
  • For P2: You can earn 3000 NGN for referring someone to P2, and lesser amounts for referrals of lower levels.
  • The same pattern continues for the other levels, and these referral rewards are part of the management fee structure.

Remember, your earnings grow when you have more subordinates at higher levels. So, when you help others advance, you earn more too.

As for management bonuses, when your subordinates complete their tasks, you receive a percentage of their earnings. The percentage depends on your level and can boost your daily income considerably.

Is Legit?

Bbhtv is a ponzi scheme that would soon crash. Even though the company tries to package itself well to look presentable and reputable by having offices in different states in Nigeria, organising seminars and events. This does not stop it from being a ponzi scheme. The platform requires users to keep on referring others for it to be in operation. So after sometime, the system would crash.


86 thoughts on “Is Bbhtv Legit or Scam? (”

    • It’s scam they’re all thieves they take advantage of the situation of the country making people poorer by collecting the little they have. It is scamm


      Lets ask ourselves, what product do Facebook,and tiktok sells or how do tiktok, istagram, witter, google, Netflix, firworks etc, produce money to pay content creators? is also similar ways BBH produce money.

      How do music apps makes money to pay musicicans? how do musicians make money online to buy houses and cars, without we buy their physical CD? is it not by watching or listening to their songs online with your data?

      Micheal Jackson and other old musicians death or alive are still getting paid because people are streaming their movies, songs, etc.

      firstly, BBH, is an advertising company that collects advertising jobs from top films producers(like: PARAMOUNT PICTURES,WARNER BROS, UNIVERSAL, WALY DISNEY, DREAM WORKS, etc) and market it for them. the producers pays huge amount because the advert goes viral and the producers also make back their money from those that downloaded movies for personal use.

      The second ways BBH produce money is by you watching the movies with your data and you get paid.

      The third way BBH makes money is from the numbers of viewed movies a day, that’s the numbers of those following the movie a day. imagine 50 million viewers a day.

      BBH also makes money through your deposit by investing it in other I.T companies and makes money.

      NOTE that your deposit is ONLY once. if you are a P1 level of 15,000 naira, you will be receiving 15,000 every month without putting any money again. so you can withdraw your money(salary) for 1 year without putting any money( this is without referring anyone).

      In BBH, referrer is by choice, not by force and you get more benefit by doing so.

      for more details you can contact me.


    • Business is all about exchanging goods or services for value; usually money.
      BBH is an advert company and has advertising contracts with major movie and entertainment industries across the globe,
      When you join BBH your work is helping the company carry out it’s core mandate of advertising and you get paid for it.

    • I want to register but when i get to intern the movie they give me could not play and i have enough data.please how can you help me

    • Good day,let’s say one joined with P1 and not up to a year can one upgrade in the process,or can one run different packages concurrently??

  1. Christmas is drawing nearer… BE careful as you are likely to see more of these fake Christmas trees without real fruits in them. THEY WILL BURN YOU AND DISAPPEAR. All that glitters is not GOLD.

    • With my research so far, I noticed that this site is a ponzi scheme, but that doesn’t stop you from risking it if you have the mind. Is only the Early birds always that benefit from ponzi schemes.

      Lastly, risk only what you can afford to lose, I used this strategy during MMM and it worked for me

  2. Life is all about risk, even your office job is not guaranteed, you can just go to work and they will hand over your termination letter to you what will you ido, is not to go home?
    Am a well registered member of Bbhtv and am making my money codedly online, no body is begging you.if you are interested contact me on 08052469046 for direction and also click on the link if you want to make a move to greatness

  3. Red flags every where so that we won’t fall into traps

    This quote :
    “””All of our giving makes us better people. Your current efforts and preparations are a kind of precipitation and accumulation, and they will help you explode with great strength when a special time comes in the future. “”””

    Is being used in their Whatsapp groups daily.

    How come no body remembered that this was MMM’s quote some years ago.

    Somebody said BBH is MMM rebranded… you might be very correct.

    MMM took a longer time to crash because they had a fixed percentage of freebies, as the MLM (upline vs downline threshold) reached its breaking point it collapsed and the real stake holders ( the people that paid for the website and brain work) cleared the assets which basically was the money we all invested.

    BBH on the other hand might crash faster because they keep increasing the the percentage of freebies to lure us to invest more and invite fat depositors, this will either make the system reach its breaking point quicker or they actually had a targeted amount and a time frame of wrap up that they trick the investors with all the juicy bonuses plus buying time with the fictitious holiday that allows deposits and no withdrawal in other to gather enough before elopement.

    To him that have ears let him hear!!!

    Another person said invest what you can afford to lose; and not end up committing suicide after the grand plan hatches.

    Closing comment by ‘Delia’ on 6/10/23 :-

    Only those who do not shy away from pain and confusion are qualified to talk about optimism and determination. Destiny will not be kind to anyone, and joys and sorrows will not be prepared just for you. Goodnight everybody! (Wish you all a happy weekend in advance)

    This is more like disclaimer notice to whatever happens to our money.

    I will advise the Nigerian government to please deploy officers to 3rd Main Land bridge, to stop those who will want to CHIKAROK!!!

  4. Good morning. I have been with BBH for about two months now, it’s paying well, but I always say be wise in your investment in any project you hear about. For me I am in P1, and I have gotten what I put into it. What really happened to them tomorrow is not really my pain tomorrow. Non stays in Nigeria up to year. If you want to be part of BBH, chat me up.08118832254.

  5. Do not let negative mindset of people discourage you from joining… The person that invited me to bbh is a blessing to me i have to be sincere. This website is active and one of the most reliable platform I’ve ever come across. It is not a ponzi scheme i can assure you of that because you can decide to not invite friends and you’ll still earn. Join my WhatsApp group by clicking the link below and I’ll teach you all you need to know. My link is also below if you want to register. Remember, it is 100% legit and not a ponzi scheme. So dont think it will crash anytime soon.

    Whatsapp group link

    Registration link

  6. Hello.

    FOREX, CRYPTO, etc, are not “Ponzi schemes”, but I lost almost 2M in them. The heavens did not fall. I will not because of the losses ignore a viable opportunity to make good money.

    The truth is, life is for the risk takers.

    When a friend introduced me to BBHtv, and told me it came into Nigeria in June, I knew from that June to about a year is relatively safe, and I invested and upgraded immediately. I can tell you I have cashed out my capital…m now cashing out without further deposits.
    Except I decide to do a further upgrade…another risk I do not mind taking cos I have made enough money in my wallet to do so.
    I however hope that Bbh is here to stay for a long time cos it has been a life saver to me.

    You can decide to leave the million deposits for those who re not afraid to take risks, and do your safe one time 15k or 30k deposit, and keep withdrawing for one year. How is that a scam?

    Kindly join my team via this link for morale support to each other

    WhatsApp me 09058491791 to add you up to my team.


  7. What I can really say here is that have a lot of money on bbhtv if u like u take it, I’m building my on own house all because of bbhtv. U can contact me if u want 08060104790, no body will force u to make money in life it’s all about choice so chose wisely and join bbhtv now, here is the link for open doors.. to be real honest in what am telling u the person that gave me link leaves in UK he has made more than 55million so far.

  8. Bbh is a scam. since on the 18th of October people have not been able to withdraw their funds .. if you join you are at your own risk

  9. Do not make any further payment ! I repeat do not make any further payment. I made the 25% deposit and was blocked in having access to chat with them. BBH is a scam and has gotten away with millions of peoples money. It’s really breaks my heart that we don’t have a good government that could help curb this menace 💔

  10. BBH has gone away with peoples millions oh ! Thru are even asking them to pay 25% tax initial deposit before they can withdraw. There is no Hiring manager anywhere, it will be some bunch of evil people carting money away somewhere… people even borrowed to do it !

  11. The worse has finally happened BBH has finally CRASHED with a lot of people’s money a lot of us went far in getting money for the registration now we have been SCAMMED what do we do now please I need help in recovery my money because it’s a loan I took please how do we secure our money BACK 😰😰😰😡😡😡


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