Is Legit or Scam? is a new cryptocurrency investment platform that just launched in Nigeria. The catly platform claims users can earn money online daily by investing in its cryptocurrency project. In this blog post, we would be doing a review of this new investment platform and would be sharing our feedbacks with our website visitors. This would allow them to make informed decisions so as not to fall victims to fraudulent platforms.

Join Our Investment Group is calling on users and investtors to help it achieve its vision of creating a 100x Meme coin together. Many meme tokens skyrocket by tens of thousands of times. $CATLY is a new meme token, and now is the best time to hold onto it. Don’t miss out on $CATLY like you did with $DOGE and $SHIB.

Benefits Of Joining

  • Registration bonus: ₦200
  • Withdrawal Arrival time: Within 1 hours
  • Min Withdrawal: ₦1000

How To Make Money Daily On

  • Create a new account by using this registration link (you get 200 naira signup bonus).
  • Provide your phone number and password to complete the registration process
  • Login to your dashboard.
  • You can start investing in the various investment packages offers.

The platform offers users 12 investment packages they can invest in. The lowest package called the Pobocat #01 costs just 1,600naira and you earn 256 naira daily for 500days which means you earn a total of 128,000 naira from 1,600 naira.

Join Telegram Channel Investment Packages

POBOCAT #01₦1600500Days₦128000
POBOCAT #02₦3100500Days₦271250
POBOCAT #03₦5100500Days₦471750
POBOCAT #04₦11000500Days₦1072500
POBOCAT #05₦21000500Days₦2152500
POBOCAT #06₦31000500Days₦3332500
POBOCAT #07₦51000500Days₦5992500
POBOCAT #08₦110000500Days₦14025000
POBOCAT #09₦210000500Days₦28875000
POBOCAT #10₦310000500Days₦45725000
POBOCAT #11₦510000500Days₦90525000
POBOCAT #12₦1000000500Days₦227500000


How To Make Money Through Referrals

Copy your referral link and share it on all your social channels to earn high rewards. You get deposit rebates on your invited users who register with your link and deposit successfully .All bonus will be automatically added to your balance which can be withdrawn or used for investment.
You get 15% of LV. 1’s depositing amount.
You get 5% of LV. 2’s depositing amount.
You get 2% of LV. 3’s depositing amount.
The more users you invite, the more rebate you get.

Is Legit?

Based on our findings, is a ponzi scheme impersonating the popular memecoin Well the upside is that since its a new ponzi scheme that just launched on the 2nd of august, 2023, you can make a lot of money now by joining before it crashes. You can join using this registration link

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