Is Legit or Scam?

Vestas ( is a new investment and money making platform that just launched in nigeria. It claims to be one of the most trusted investment platform in Nigeria. With a minimum recharge of just 3000, you can start earning money hourly and daily. Vestas pay 10% daily returns on investment. This means if you invest 10,000 naira, you earn 1,000naira daily for 30 days.

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Benefits Of Joining Vestas

  • Registration bonus of 500 naira
  • 10% daily returns on investment
  • Minimum recharge 3000
  • Minimum withdrawal 500


How To Make Money On Vestas

To start making money on vestas, You need to register an account first with this registration link

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On vestas, you have the option of either making money by investing in one of its investment packages, or make money through referrals.

As a bonus, upon registration, you’ll receive an instant N200 welcome bonus, which you can also withdraw.

Make Money From Investment

To get started with making money on vestas by investment, you need to invest a minimum amount of 3,000 naira. Once you do, you’ll receive a daily profit of 300 naira, and this will be visible in your dashboard. You have the flexibility to withdraw your profit immediately or let it accumulate to a total of 9000 naira over a month before making a withdrawal. investment plan lasts for 30 days, and at the end of this period, your initial investment capital will be released. You can then choose to reinvest it or withdraw it along with your profit.

Additionally, by joining their Telegram and WhatsApp groups, you’ll receive daily Cash bonus codes that you can redeem. Once the accumulated bonuses reach 3k, you can use this amount to invest or withdraw as desired. Investment Plans

DeviceDaily revenue (₦)Total revenue (₦)Investment cycle (Days)Price (₦)
V100-2.0 MW®3009,000303,000
V110-2.0 MW™1,20036,0003010,000
V117-4.2 MW™3,504105,1203025,000
V120-2.2 MW™9,600144,0001560,000
V124-2.7 MW™18,000270,00015100,000
V126-3.45 MW®28,500427,50015150,000
V136-4.2 MW™50,004750,06015250,000
V145-4.6 MW™135,0002,025,00015350,000
V150-4.2 MW™300,0001,500,0005580,000
V155-3.3 MW™750,0002,250,00031,000,000

Make Money From Referrals

When you invite your friends to join Vestas, you get a cash reward of 20% of whatever your friend’s deposit amount.

How To Withdraw

When you invest invest in Vestas, you can withdraw your profit daily. The minimum withdrawal amount is 500 naira. To withdraw your earnings, login to your dashboard and click on the withdraw button at the top left corner, then follow the instructions.

Also note that a 10% handling fee is charged for withdrawal and withdrawal time is on Monday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Is Legit?

Vestaseu is a scam and ponzi scheme that has crashed in July ending (2023).

13 thoughts on “Is Legit or Scam?”

  1. My name is Kingsley.
    I invested 3,000 on but can’t withdraw my profit they’re asking to recharge 50,000 before I can withdraw.
    This is annoying.

  2. I invited 40000 but I can’t make my withdraw successful rather am being told to make another 80000 before withdraw how possible

  3. Omo, I have 6 million now on Vestas
    But I can’t withdraw
    They asked me to deposit 40k before I withdraw oo
    Omo I no fit deposit again
    Anyone who knows this platform is real
    Please contact me
    Sick give him 1 million
    If I can withdraw
    My WhatsApp number
    0916 871 8607


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