Is Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, we would be doing a critical analysis of a new ponzi scheme called We would be analysing it to determine if its a scam or legit. is a newly launched investment platform that came into existence on the 10th of August, 2023. The platform claims to allow users make money when they invest in one of its packages. The users claims users can make up to 30% daily returns on investment

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How To Make Money on

To make money on, you need to register an account first.

After creating an account, the major way to make money on is by investing in one of its investment packages.

Join Telegram Channel offers just 4 investment plans with the lowest costing just 2,300 naira and you earn 92 naira daily for 45 days. The highest investment plan costs 32,500 naira.

Before you can invest, you need to deposit funds in your account. You can do so by clicking on the deposit button and then follow the instructions. Investment Plans

Investment OptionPriceTermDaily IncomeTotal Revenue
BLUE BICOLOR₦2,300.0045 days₦92.00₦4,140.00
DEEP BLUE₦5,800.0045 days₦243.60₦10,962.00
WHITE₦13,500.0046 days₦581.09₦26,730.14
RED ORANGE₦32,500.0047 days₦1,431.38₦67,274.86


How To Withdraw

Follow the below steps to withdraw your earnings

  1. Choose a payment method.
  2. Select your receiving bank name
  3. Enter your real name
  4. Enter the correct bank account
  5. Enter the amount you need to withdraw
  6. Enter your password (the first withdrawal password is the login password)

Note that the minimum withdrawal amount is ₦500 and the maximum you can withdraw is ₦30,0000. The withdrawal time is 24~72 hours.

Is Legit?

Below are the reasons why we believe is a scam and a ponzi scheme.

  1. The information about the founders and owners of the website are unknown. This is a major red flag and a big characteristics of a fraudulent platform.
  2. has no real business or office. The website basically operates a ponzi scheme where it pays old users using money from new users.

Update (13/8/2023): Beekenkamp has crashed and website is no longer responding.


80 thoughts on “Is Legit or Scam?”

  1. Is UK dacon Engineering Company real or a scam?

    Because I was told that UK immigration office want to send my visa recommendation letter to UK Nigeria embassy and I was asked to pay a total sum of £400. For courier service.
    So what do I do?

  2. good day, according to your report BEEKANKAMP crashed on 13/08/2023 but i want to say right now they are still existing i joined beekankamp last week and today is my second withdrawal so, it sounds somehow to me. Actually i know its a ponzi scheme but about the crash kindly elaborate

    • lol i actually started August and i have done countless withdrawal on it too
      i even withdrew today….. so it’s still very much alive with new products too

  3. Admin, please quickly do your findings whether beekenkamp is a scam or not before it’s too late. I already invested into it.

  4. Oga writer please do your findings before you make a post. Beekenkamp has not crashed. It is fully functioning. Matter of fact I invested 63k and I have made past my capital. Yes you may be correct in some aspects, but saying it has crashed is not true.

  5. I’m not sure whether Beekenkamp is real or not although I’ve invested over 300k naira I’m praying it doesn’t crash

  6. I was introduced by my friend ,but I have confirmed their office in Abuja,also Nigeria certificate and the time ⏲️ I want to download the app I find out that the app have been existed for 4yrs
    So am still convinced that it’s legit..

  7. A strong member of beekenkamp family should please help. Beekenkamp company blocked me from withdraw because I did not bring referral to the company, this happened three days ago.
    07039441440. Thanks

  8. Beekenkamp is still paying massively. Have been interesting in it o er two month now and today i still withdraw over 20k and the with was successful. Mr. writer make research before posting

  9. I would like to inform the general public that, my issue with beekenkamp company in November 2, 2023 has been solved through the help of a member. Since then beekenkamp has been doing well to me. My experience with beekenkamp is that, they are real. 07039441440.


  10. BEEKENKAMP is still in existance o. Please do your findings very well before you talk. It has helped so many of us. Send me message if you are interested.

    • Same with some of my subordinates, and also, my payment has been pending for days now, but the Beekenkamp company is still posting new flowers. And the Customer Service is not replying to text.

  11. I can tell you 99% about beekenkamp their style and mode of operation. Beekenkamp is legit WhatsApp me on 07039441440 for private chat. By 2024 beekenkamp will experience unexpected massive members that willing to join.

  12. Beekenkamp…
    I still agree that it’s a ponzi scheme, though I haven’t invested millions, but I have seen people invested millions and they are still doing that. The little I invested, I have gotten beyond it x3.
    If you want to join, kindly click on the link and send me a DM

  13. Beekenkamp is real as a ponzi 😂 let we the poor breathe through ponzi, as long as its paying for now. I’m a beneficiary. since our government no wan pity for us.

  14. Good afternoon guys
    Please have withdraw money
    from beekenkamp since last 3 days and the money has not been withdraw into my account
    Please what’s going on
    Please I will like our team leader and manager to sort this house
    Cos im damn scared right now

  15. Good afternoon guys
    Please have withdraw money
    from beekenkamp since last 3 days and the money has not been withdraw into my account
    Please what’s going on
    Please I will like our team leader and manager to sort this out
    Cos I’m.damn scared right now 😭

  16. Please has beekenkamp ever brought any project for example 6300 in 5 days to get 60,000
    Because the I am in it does like that
    And now I withdraw it sence on Friday and now it’s Monday the has not come
    Or do dey have any group chat

  17. I don’t really understand if it pays or not bt I’m still waiting to receive my money after withdraw.
    I and my hubby has put in more than 200k but yet to receive, I paid 76k into monie point account, yet that too did not reflect in my recharge wallet since on the 15:12:2023… I messaged the admin but no response…this is very sad for me because i introduced it to my hubby and we stake all the money in our account

  18. I can’t say it is real or fake bt i think is becoming a scam like other online business, I requested for a withraw and it been 4days nw, am yet to receive my money and I was even removed from the whatsapp group chat. I hope u all understand what that means

  19. With this their lastest update I don’t think its legit anymore. They said for you to withdraw you have to upgrade to VIP. And you cannot use your balance wallet or your recharge wallet. RUN ooo 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃 I’m a victim 😭😭😭of it.

  20. I write with dismay to inform you that beekenkamp has finally crash to scammed many Nigerian including me, this happened on last Friday 15th, 2023.

    I am thinking of how Nigeria government can assists to prevent all these ugly situations that many Nigerian people experience silently.


  21. I withdraw for like four days ago now I haven’t receive anything but it bounced back on my wallet and is requesting I should upgrade to VIP something 😔

  22. I actually withdraw money then, but right now I invested all I have as a student my waec money all of that hoping I will received profit, but right now it had crash with my money 😿😿🤕🤕

  23. lmaoo… it is a biggg scamm
    Don’t invest your money please
    Lost over 600k
    Including the friends that were referred
    Please don’t do it you’ll regret and i don’t want that for anybody…

    I’d have sent screenshots but i doubt Google lets people send images on here

    Just don’t do it please!
    The people commenting about it working for them are probably in cohorts if not the scammers themselves…


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