Is Legit or Scam?

Cargill ( is a newly launched investment platform in Nigeria that just launched today 11/08/2023. If you are in need of a new investment platform where you can make money daily, then this is the platform you should invest in.

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Cargill claims to operate a livestock and fish farming that is into the farming of pigs, cattle, shrimps, fish, etc. They claim to use users investments to grow and expand their farming business and they are able to make enough money to pay for users daily returns / profit.

These are the benefits you get when you invest in cargill:

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  • Registration bonus of 100 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal is 1,000 naira
  • Minimum investment is 1,200 naira
  • Invest 1200 earn 144 daily
  • Invest 2000 earn 400 daily
  • Invest 2500 earn 575 daily
  • Invest 3000 earn 870 daily
  • Invest 5000 earn 1500 daily
  • Invest more and earn more

How To Invest & Make Money

  1. Create an account on through this registration link
  2. Login with your credentials and you would see a lot of investment packages cargill offers
  3. Select the investment package you are interested in and click on the Buy button
  4. An account number would be generated, make payment to it and also upload evidence of payment on that same page.
  5. Your wallet would be updated immediately and your investment would start counting Investment Plans

ProductDaily IncomeTotal IncomeServing TimeIncome per Serving Time
Salmon₦144₦17280120 Days₦1200
Shrimp₦400₦48000120 Days₦2000
Tilapia₦575₦69000120 Days₦2500
Beef Cattle Feed₦870₦104400120 Days₦3000
Sow Solutions₦1500₦180000120 Days₦5000
Piglet Solutions₦3100₦372000120 Days₦10000
Hog Solutions₦9900₦1188000120 Days₦30000
Palm Oil₦17500₦2100000120 Days₦50000
Broiler Solutions₦40000₦4800000120 Days₦100000
Sustainable Cocoa₦88000₦10560000120 Days₦200000
The Business of Beef₦245000₦29400000120 Days₦500000
Institutional Products₦550000₦66000000120 Days₦1000000


How To Withdraw

Withdrawing your earnings from Cargill-hot is a straight forward process. Before you can withdraw, your earnings needs to be up to the minimum withdrawal amount of 1,000 naira. After that, then you can place a withdrawal request which would be approved within 24 hours and you would immediately be credited in your bank account.


Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme. So if you join late, you would loose. But if you join early, you would cashout before it crashes.

Update (13/08/2023): Cargill has crashed and has stopped paying


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    • I placed a withdrawal too since on the 14th but yet to receive alert. It has been showing “processing” since then.

  1. All the withdrawals I made since yesterday is still processing till today.Please where is the customer care you said we should contact o

  2. I placed a withdrawal too since on the 14th but yet to receive alert. It has been showing “processing” since then.


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