Is Legit or a Scam? is a crowdfunding website where anyone can create a crowdfunning campaign to ask for money online. In today’s digital age, seeking financial assistance has evolved with the rise of CyberBegging. This online phenomenon has provided individuals and organizations with a platform to share their stories and connect with people willing to help. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of CyberBegging and how it has become a popular way to obtain much-needed funds.

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In times of financial struggle and emergencies, finding assistance and guidance can be crucial. Luckily, platforms like have emerged to provide aid and support to those in need. Established in 2009, this online platform has served over 24,000 users and offers a unique approach to financial assistance through cyberbegging and crowdfunding. provides individuals with the opportunity to share their stories and create personal fundraising pages to appeal for financial support. Whether it’s assistance with rent, mortgage, medical bills, or food, the platform allows users to ask for help in an anonymous manner, deciding how much information to share. By presenting a sincere and truthful narrative about their financial situation and the amount needed, users can engage potential donors and garner support for their cause.

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Reasons to Use

Direct Donations and Transparency:

One notable aspect of is its commitment to transparency and user benefits. Unlike competitors that charge up to 15% in fees, does not keep any percentage of the donated funds. All donations are received directly by the user’s free PayPal account, ensuring a seamless and secure process. Additionally, the platform offers various categories for fundraising requests, ranging from animals, emergency money, medical bills, to tuition fees, allowing users to find specific assistance related to their needs.

Safety Measures and Cautionary Guidelines: emphasizes safety precautions to protect users from potential scammers. Personal information such as bank account numbers and phone numbers should never be shared. The platform advises against sending money to receive money, as this is a common tactic employed by fraudulent individuals. Users can complete the submission process within 10 minutes and begin their fundraising journey.

Supporting Those in Need: not only caters to individuals but also welcomes donations from those who are more fortunate and willing to assist those in need. The platform ensures that every cent donated goes directly to the chosen person or cause, without any additional fees. By providing a safe and easy service, connects individuals who require financial help with philanthropists and donors who can make a difference.

Is Legit

Yes is legit, and it has revolutionized the concept of cyberbegging and crowdfunding, offering a secure and user-friendly platform for individuals and organizations to seek financial assistance. With its extensive reach and ability to maintain donor anonymity, this online fundraising avenue has helped thousands of users overcome financial challenges. Whether you’re in need of support or looking to make a meaningful donation, provides a valuable resource for those seeking financial aid or willing to extend a helping hand.

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