Is Nhire Group Legit or Scam

Nhire Group ( is an e-commerce platform that connects various wholesale brands/retailers and e-commerce sites in Nigeria, Africa, and globally. It acts as a middle link between digital e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Alibaba, AliExpress, Konga, Amazon, and Jiji, and wholesalers, facilitating the distribution of goods and services to a large market.

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The NHire Group claims to offer e-commerce tasks that allow employees to make money by sharing posts on social media. However, The business model raises a lot of concern, as NHire requires payment for training, and recruiters earn commissions by bringing in new members. This is obviously a pyramid scheme.

Nhire offers both full-time and part-time job opportunities, with employees being paid on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Nhire does not guarantee any return on investment without work, and members earn by performing jobs rather than through login bonuses or sponsored posts. Earnings on Nhire are not fixed, as they depend on salary grade level and activeness. Full-time employees generally earn more than part-time employees. Nhire is an international company, not limited to Nigeria only.

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How To Join N-Hire group

When signing up and joining Nhire Group, you will need to make a choice between becoming a part-time employee or a full-time employ

Signup fee is also called a Job permit on Nhire

The part-time registration (Job permit fee) is ₦‎3,400

The full-time registration (Job entry fee) fee is ₦‎7,400

Here is the potential salary inflow for employees at Nhire Group over the course of one year:

  •  1 month: ₦120,000
  • 2 months: ₦240,000
  • 3 months: ₦360,000
  • 4 months: ₦480,000
  • 5 months: ₦600,000
  • 6 months: ₦720,000
  • 7 months: ₦840,000
  • 8 months: ₦960,000
  • 9 months: ₦1,080,000
  • 10 months: ₦1,200,000
  • 11 months: ₦1,320,000

Is Nhire Group Legit or Scam

Yes,Is Nhire Group is a Scam. It is a ponzi scheme that uses new registrants funds to pay old registrants and the cycle continues till volume of new registration reduces and then it crashes.

NHireGroup has been accused of running scams by different people. Their scamming format involves taking money from new joiners under the guise of providing training for the application process. The second format involves deploying middlemen who can be blamed in the future for any issues related to the NHireGroup scam.

Also there is no valid withdrawal evidence or payment proof by any of the Nhire group employee.

Additionally, NHire Group’s lack of transparency regarding company ownership and address raises suspicions.

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  1. Thank so much for this website reviews one just have to be very careful, a company without any proof of employee withdrawal and no address (legit) I think it’s not a go ahead.

    • One of them who calls herself one of Nhire Auditors of a thing still gets gut to be posting endless jargons of deceptions to her status

      She cajoled us recently we would be eating chicken, moon honey by now

      She is been deceiving. She started, telling us from 29th, to wait till 30th. Wait in the morning. Be patient till the evening. Wait till following morning. Introducing threshold. Delay due to traffic. Part time first. Full time to wait…
      Leaving us so high and dry

      No new job on office menu again.
      For sure Ó ti la ná

      Ordinarily I don’t invest in this kind of business of wonder returns. Even the MM gate could not catch me in their net. It’s quite unfortunate I found myself in this mess solely for relying on opinion of a trusted friend.. The error I committed was I could not wait enough to differentiate between earnings in the back office from actual amount credited into bank account. I’m being superfluously happy with daily accretion into a mirage and nonsense thing they call Salary in Progress

      I believe this is nothing but a Ponzi scheme – MM repacked under façade of e-commerce. The virtual money being flaunted to few and selected people is from all these referrals, down lines etc. They posted that to lure innocent people into their net to rip them off their money

      NHire eventually turned out to illegal. Oyinbo people may mean well, but Nigerian factor (greed, corruption, abuse, impunity) can make mess of any lofty objective intended.

  2. They said I have to pay another 3000 , what for,u people are just acting like scammers ,hope is not what am thinking,after paying 6900 this is not fair oooo

      • Argo is a scam! I have been scammed!
        Argo took in my money and never spit it out!
        Y’all are internet fraudsters.
        Guys don’t listen to him.
        I am a victim of their fraud.
        Don’t join. I’m serious.

  3. It’s clearly a scam. When I saw the ads..I joined. Then they guy who is the admin dropped a vn. I recognized the voice. I checked the number and check the other group he scammed with and saw the same number. And within 2 hours of creating this group. He had over 40 ppl registered already and I saw the name. FAVOUR NWEZE. That was the name he scammed me with in the other group. I chatted him and he remembered me and blocked me immediately. Scammers everywhere

  4. Guys go and collect your money after paying 7400 they are still requesting for another 3000 for what validation I don’t know what they are validating I just told the guy to refund my 7400 back cause I don’t have any 3k to add and come to think of it if they are really legit as claimed then why collect money in the first place when you can collect the money from their earnings??
    But right now I don’t have any problem with them cause they have refund my 7400 so whatever they do is none of my business.

  5. They collected #5400 from me for the part time. They said #3700 is for registration while #1700 is for validation but since then, I am yet to get a Kobo. They said that my job is waiting for approval and the system is being upgraded. They asked me to refer people and get #2500 on each referral and I said no. I asked them what I be telling those that I refer since mine has not yielded anything. They told me to be patient

  6. Omo I just registered today and when they were like I will have to pay activation fee again, that’s when I knew something was wrong

  7. Life is a risk. Business is a risk too. I have the N10,400 waiting for the job which will commence by 1st August. That amount is much lower than my trade losses which I have experienced before. If you venture into online business and expect 100% ROI, then you have not started. Always prepare for the worst but be hopeful that you will make it one day.

  8. I just hope this is not scam o.

    I registered since July 13 or so, my account has been validated but till now, no jobs.

  9. Always ask for their CAC number. This kid called himself Tammy Godswill trying to scam on his nhire 419 but when l asked him to send me his CAC number, he promptly stopped communicating.

  10. I wouldn’t say anything for now until I collect back my cash I pay them….one business or program I know that has been their since 2015 and up n running is MTFE ..In summary
    MTFE get robot wey dey help you trade with your money everyday and you get profit..This I will recommend people to key in with all faith because is 💯 real …Anyone one interested should email me but do ur private research wide first before emailing me [email protected]

  11. I wouldn’t say anything for now until I collect back my cash I pay them….one business or program I know that has been their since 2015 and up n running is MTFE ..In summary
    MTFE get robot wey dey help you trade with your money everyday and you get profit..This I will recommend people to key in with all faith because is 💯 real …Anyone one interested should email me but do ur private research wide first before emailing me [email protected] …..Note after doing your research u may choose to register with me by emailing me we talk or register with other persons in the other countries or someone else if u want ..

  12. Everyone complaining on NHIRE na wa ooo I just register 4 days ago have not start earning no job nothing nothing I paid 7400 after that they told me to unlock my office with 3k now this morning they are posting full time will pay 10k from earnings before sending the so called salary to bank account this people are withdrawing referral commission God what have I got myself into

    They are just out to scam NIGERIANS

    • I registered on August 16th with N23,0000 full time and N3000 for validation, All N26,000.
      To be doing my task daily and earn at least N4k and immediately after registration, he thought me how to carry on my daily task and I swinged
      In immediately and started making money. As at today I have made up to 30k, I can screenshot. Though My upline said that the withdrawal is every two 2weeks to reach threshold. I am waiting, if it work out, I will come here to testify, if not i wil move on with other sweet networking platforms. Though I saw many alert today ooo

  13. I just don’t know how a tool like the Internet is available and then people will still be scammed.

  14. As for me nobody fit scam me oh, I don dey see money wey dem add to my account by accelerating ads, I dey look forward to withdraw am. Thanks

  15. Na dem research I dey now thank God I would have been among those people crying now. Let me go and face MTFE forax trade robot trade for me and I make profit.. if you are interested email me. [email protected] for more info

  16. The guys behind this NHIRE are the guys behind HIVE and MTFE don’t lost your hard earn money they are purely Scammers for the people that joined HIVE how market now same will happen with this NHIRE and MTFE be careful this is SCAM

  17. I felt so bad after reading through the comments section, our major economical challenge in Nigeria is the fact that people are scared of releasing their money to invest or do business because of the creative fraudulent acts.
    Don’t give up because I have good news for you, yes you can earn at least 280k upward but you have to work, it is a flexible job that gives you time to do your own business, chat me on WhatsApp at 09040323625 my name is rich

  18. That’s people for us in this life,scammers everywhere ,I just heard about them thats the reason why am here,thank God!
    But I get an opportunity for you if you are interested on making money online with just $10 you are good to go. You can withdraw your money anytime you like and you are not refer anybody,dm on my WhatsApp of interested 2349034014891

  19. Nhire is 70% I’m earning 🔥💥🤑 from it

    Remember no platform is forever

    The earlier de better

    This is my number if u want

  20. It’s good that I am used to making research before venturing into businesses that appear ‘too good to be true’. This is certainly a scam. No two ways about that.

    Thanks for your review, sir.

  21. Can you make review pamsocial affiliate platform make we know if they will be better!

    But I believe that they are not Ponzi scheme I am in one of their group I can share you the details


    Ans. PAMSOCIAL is an Online Marketplace where you can buy and sell goods and services.

    The PamSocial platform comprises three unique features that operate independently.


    PamSocial is an Affiliate Marketing Platform

    PamSocial has a Marketplace to sell your physical products.

    PamSocial has a VTU vending platform

    Just like other E-commerce platforms, Pam Market is Unique in its way

    Like Jumia
    Like Konga
    Like jiji

    PamSocial is here with a marketplace PAM MARKET

    where you can create online shops based on the category of products you sell and list your products like Clothes, Vehicles, Food, Electronics, Phones, etc 😉😉

    And make money as pamsocial pushes your business to the front of potential buyers.


    To sell on the Pam Market, follow these simple steps:

    1. Firstly, you need to have a physical store or shop where you sell goods. These goods may be Electronics, Clothes, groceries, Accessories, or other categories of goods.

    2. Register an account on the Pamsocial website (it is free to register)

    3. Head over to the PAM MARKET area login into the Pam market section

    4. Create your Pam store and start listing your products

    N.B:- List your products according to the categories they belong to so that they will be easily found by potential buyers and would appear in search engines like Google searches.

    5. You can decide to run a campaign for each of the products and start selling!

    Selling on Pam Market is as easy as that.🫰


    Pam Affiliate is an online digital marketplace that connects creators of digital products such as ebooks, tutorials, Audio Books, or video courses with affiliates who can promote their products and help increase sales.

    How does Pam Affiliate work?

    To use Pam Affiliate, a vendor lists their digital product on the platform and provides the price and commission they are willing to pay per sale.

    An affiliate selects a product they want to promote and uses their unique affiliate link to promote it. When a potential buyer clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the vendor and affiliate receive notifications via email with their respective commissions. PamSocial takes care of product delivery, customer support, and payout to affiliates and vendors.

    What is required to become an affiliate on Pam Affiliate?

    To become an affiliate on Pam Affiliate, the affiliate Must have a selling skill and needs to pay a yearly registration fee of N5000 or purchase the DMA training program which will train you if you’re completely new to Digital marketing and you don’t have to sell skills and the program provides 12 months of free access to the Pam Affiliate platform plus other benefits attached

    There are 2 ways to Activate Your Pam Affiliate Account

    1. Activate as A DMA student
    2. Activate as a pro-Affiliate Marketer

    ✳️When You Activate Your Account as a DMA STUDENT with N35,000 You will…

    i. Get a free Pam Affiliate Account for 1 year


    iii. Earn 50% commission when you promote and sell the DMA COURSE

    iv. Have Access to the Training and mentorship Group

    v. promote and sell any courses of your choice on the Pam Affiliate Course page and earn commissions

    v. Earn 50% commission ($7👉N5,250) when pro-Affiliate Marketers sign up with your link

    vii. Activating your account as a DMA STUDENT will train you if you’re completely a newbie to Digital Marketing.

    2. To sign up as a Pro Affiliate Marketer you just need to …

    i. Activate Your Affiliate account with the $6.67 (N5000) Activation fee

    ii. Promote and sell the DMA TRAINING PROGRAM COURSE for 25% commission instead of 50%

    iii. Promote and sell any products on the Pam Affiliate products page and earn Commissions

    vi. Earn 50% commission ($3.4👉🏽N2,500) when pro-Affiliate Marketers sign up with your link

    Also, read the Term and conditions of using the PAMSOCIAL PLATFORM before going ahead to register, if you agree with all then Register here

    5 different ways you can make money as an affiliate marketer on PAMSOCIAL as an Affiliate Marketer

    1. Direct sponsor commission
    2. Direct sales commission
    3. Special offers from vendors
    4. Milestone achievement recognition
    5. Awards



    What is the process for vendors to list their products on Pam Affiliate?

    Before you can be a vendor you must have a product to sell and after listing the product on the Pam Affiliate platform, the product undergoes a thorough evaluation to ensure its value to potential buyers and affiliates who may promote it.

    You will choose any of the plans which suites you the most…

    Basic plan: $2.8 Monthly and $30 yearly (10% off)
    40 Ebooks
    2 Courses
    Unlimited videos

    Gold plan: $6.7 Monthly and $72 Yearly (10% off)
    Unlimited Ebooks
    Up to 10 courses
    Unlimited videos

    Diamond Plan: $13.4 Monthly and $144 yearly (10% off)
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    5 membership courses

    After you have picked a plan and subscribed, you will have access to the vendor dashboard…

    We have prepared everything for you, just re-edit the already-made landing page (product page)
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  22. Making money online is very that hard . Any scheme that tells you to refer run.
    But there’s this business model I guarantee you of called Affiliate marketing you can even make you reasrch all you do is promote digital products and earn 50% commission.


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