Is Boldgains Investment Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, we would be discussing about Boldgains Investments, everything about the platform and also be finding out if it is legit or a fraudulent platform.

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Boldgains Investment claims to be an investment company where users can invest on the platform and earn returns after a period of time. The company claims to be a dubai based company that is into the manufacturing and sales of various products in different sectors like Health, Beauty and Daily Consumables.

How Boldgains Investment Works

Boldgains investment cllaims it manufactures and sells health and beauty products, and that when you invest in any of its investment plans, you are basically purchasing products worth the amount you invested. You can either receive your producs to sell yourself and make profit, or you let the company sell the products on your behalf and they pay you the profits which is exactly how you earn returns on your investment.

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Below are the various steps to join boldgains

  1. Contact an Agent: The first step to joining Boldgains is to contact any of their official agent to help you kickstart your application
  2. Make payment to the Company’s Account: after contacting an agent, you will be given the official company’s account to make payment to. So Pay the amount you want to invest into that account and forward the receipt to your agent
  3. Fill out the Registration Form: After your payment has been confirmed, your agent will send you the relevant documents you need to fill to complete your registration process.
  4. Get your Dashboard Details: After filling the application form and submitting it, a Boldgains account would be set up for you and you will get your login credentials through your agent. You can now log in at anytime to your dashboard and track your earnings and commission.

Boldgains Operations

Boldgains has recruited a lot of marketing agents that go around both online and offline to convince people into investing in its investment platform. These marketing agents promise a lot like they say things like you can double your money in 30 days, etc.

Why Boldgains Is a Scam

Boldgains is a scam and basically operates a Pyramid scheme. The company in reality has no business operation. The company operates a pyramid scheme where it uses funds from new users to pay the old users. All the promises of being based in Dubai and selling products are fake and lies. They are schemes to convince unsuspecting users to invest.
When you invest in Boldgains, you will surely lose your money as after 30 days, the company will not pay you. Also when you make a payment to the company; ‘s account, you cannot request for refund or cancel your investment, your money is gone.

Also, the real boldgains investment company has crashed vanishing with a lot of people’s money. Now there are a lot of clones and impersonators that are using the boldgains investments company name to defraud victims. Some of them are “INSTANT BOLDGAINS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED”, “BOLDGAINS INTERNATIONAL”, etc. Anytime you come across these names or any name with the word Boldgains in ti, run far away.

Also there are a lot of victims of Boldgains investment scams that have come out to warn others. These are some of them.

Man got defrauded by boldgains of 1.2 million

Retiree got defrauded by boldgains of 132,000 naira

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