Is Legit or Scam?

There is a newly launched ponzi scheme that operates exactly just like mmm. The  platform is known as Boompay. It’s a P2P website where you make 24k weekly with N600 naira one-time payment. All payments are made directly to your bank account and it is 100% real and reliable. Yo do not need to perform any task like reading news, watching ads, etc. You also do not need any.signup fee or investment fee. It is purely a pyramid scheme where you pay money directly to someones account and another person pays money to your account.

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How It Works

Carefully read how the system works below so you do not make mistakes.:

  • Boompay24 is a simple funding platform built for people to empower one another. The aim is to improve the economy around us and make life better for everyone, there are no refunds allowed. All payments are sent directly from one member to the other.
  • Register an account and fund your sponsor NGN600 within five hours of your registration to earn NGN600 from 4 Persons (#2400).
  • Upgrade to level 2 with NGN1200 to earn NGN1200 each from 18 Persons(=21600) then you circle out. You can decide to get into the system again as many times as you want.
  • You don’t need to refer. System pairs for payment as long as you do not click on new upline. “Pay the 1st name you see”. Your are to fund your upline within 5 hours of your registration.
  • Upgrade to level 2 within 5 hours of completing stage 1 or your account will be deleted. This is a Network for serious minded persons.
  • Do NOT click CHANGE UPLINE!!!!. Pay d 1st name u see else system skips u 4 payment when pairing.Your upline is who system pairs you to pay while your downlines are those 4 people system pairs to pay you N600 each.
  • Some people just do level 1 and collect 2400 instead of upgrade to level 2 and some open another accounts with different details and keep collecting 2400 naira.

Is Legit

Boompay24 is a pyramid scheme which means the system eould keep on operating as long as new users are being injected into the system. If the rate of new users decreases, the platform would collapse and you would loose your money.

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