Is Legit or Scam?

NH ( claims to be a multi-international group operating throughout the entire value stream, from underground mining, through beneficiation, smelting and base metal removal, to the final salable metal.
The company claims that its employees work hard to ensure NH Company’s success. The company claims it recently just launched its investment platform that allow Nigerians invest in any of its available mining operations and earn high daily returns of between 3% to 10% daily.

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  • Crete a new account with this registration link
  • Login to your dashboard, go to your profile page and click on the “Recharge” button to add money to your account.
  • After adding money to your account, then click on the Products menu at the bottom to see the available investment products.
  • Choose any of the investment plan and invest in it
  • Then earn income everyday Investment Plans

EquipmentStatusDaily Income (₦)Validity PeriodTotal Income (₦)Price (₦)
Union Mine-N31On Shelves16046 Times7,3604,000
Union Mine-N32On Shelves96645 Times43,47023,000
Union Mine-N33On Shelves2,30044 Times101,20050,000
Union Mine-N34On Shelves4,80043 Times206,400100,000
Union Mine-N35On Shelves10,00043 Times430,000200,000
Points Equipment-H28Pre-sale84050 Times42,0000 + 28,000 Points
Points Equipment-H68Pre-sale2,38050 Times119,0000 + 68,000 Points
Exploration Equipment-NH3On Shelves2003 Times6003,000
Exploration Equipment-NH40On Shelves2,133.3315 Times31,999.9540,000
Exploration Equipment-NH80On Shelves2,666.6730 Times80,000.1080,000


Make Money from Referrals

Referrals is an exciting opportunity that can make you money on this platform. If you are able to refer someone to this platform and the person purchases an investment plan, you automatically earn 10% of the investment. This is a profitable avenue for you to make money especially if you know how to convince people a lot. Below is how much you earn on for every referral level.

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Is Legit is a long term ponzi investment platform that just launched on 20/9/2023. The platform is a long term platform and you would earn money from it. This is because the platform doesnt pay people high daily interest rate. Their interest rate is between 3% and 10%. So be rest assured this platform would last at lease 2 months before it crashes.

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4 thoughts on “Is Legit or Scam?”

  1. If northam holdings was a ponzi scheme that is sure to crash in two months.
    Why are they still surviving even on December?
    If it was created on September then it should have crashed by now.
    Is it that what is posted in isn’t reliable?

  2. Have been trying to enter northam holdings app since yesterday but I couldn’t, someone even warned me about this app but I didn’t heed to it,I just don’t understand what’s going on


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