Is Legit or Scam? is an innovative investment company that strives to make the process of investing both enjoyable and rewarding. It serves as a platform where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together to grow their wealth by making intelligent investment decisions.

Join Our Investment Group is characterized by its user-friendly interface, which offers users a range of tools and resources to assist them in making well-informed financial choices. This company is committed to ensuring that investing is accessible and straightforward for everyone, regardless of their prior financial knowledge or experience. Benefits

    • Newly launched on 17/9/2023
    • Welcome bonus is 300 naira
    • Mini withdrawal 500 naira
    • Mini deposit 3,000 naira

How To Join

  • Register a new account with this registration link
  • Click on the recharge button to fund your wallet.
  • After funding your wallet, go to “Products” section and invest in any investment plan of your choice.
  • After investing, you would be getting daily rewards and then you can cashout your rewards anytime you want. Investment Plans

Investment Amount (₦)DurationDaily Income (₦)Total Income (₦)
3,000.0030 Days70021,000
5,000.0030 Days1,30039,000
10,000.0030 Days2,00060,000
15,000.0030 Days2,50075,000
20,000.0030 Days3,20096,000
35,000.0030 Days4,500135,000
50,000.0030 Days5,700171,000
100,000.0030 Days7,000210,000
200,000.0030 Days9,500285,000
300,000.0030 Days13,000390,000
500,000.0030 Days15,000450,000


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Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched investment ponzi scheme. It was launched today 18/9/2023. So if you want to make enough money from the platform before it crashes, then join early and invest.

Register with this registration link and get free 300 naira bonus.

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