Is Legit or Scam?

In today’s uncertain investment markets, it’s hard to find a reliable way to make money. claims to be a trustworthy platform for making money with honesty. Future Technology’s Promise: You can earn a full return on your investment in 80 days. Technology leads to the future – You can change your destiny here! Unlock your free investment plan now and earn ₦100 every day!

Join Our Investment Group Benefits

  • Invite your friends to join and make money together. You’ll receive an 18% rebate!
  • Level 2 users get 2% rebate
  • Level 3 users get 1% rebate.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is only ₦600.

How To Join

Register an account on the platform using this registration link Earning Structure

  1. Registration reward: 200 ₦
  2. The reward for inviting friends to register is 15 ₦, and the upper limit is 300 ₦
  3. When the friends you invite register for investment, you will directly get 18% cash back.
  4. When your Tier 2 team members invest, you will get 2% cashback.
  5. When your level 3 team members invest, you will get 1% cashback.
  6. The equipment income of all members of the third-level team can also get an additional daily commission of 8%-4%-1%
  7. Cash rewards will be sent to your account balance immediately after your team members invest.
  8. Daily commissions are automatically sent to your balance based on when your team members make profits.
  9. The minimum withdrawal is 600 ₦ and can be withdrawn once a day.

How To Recharge Your Account

The maximum amount of a single recharge is 300,000. If the recharge fails, please recharge the second time. So login to your dashboard and click on the recharge button, enter the amount you want to recharge and follow the below instructions to make payment to the provided account number.

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  1. The minimum recharge amount is  ₦2000
  2. Your payment amount must be consistent with the recharge amount.
  3. Do not use the same beneficiary account for deposits multiple times. Every time you recharge, please open the payment interface in the app to get the latest beneficiary account.
  4. Please wait for 1-10 minutes after the transfer is successful. If your payment has not arrived for a long time, please contact the online customer service and provide the customer with the recharge voucher and the phone number you used when registering on the platform. Investment Plans

Investment PlanInitial Investment (₦)Daily Earnings (₦)Duration (Days)Total Revenue (₦)
Future Technology 1🚀2,2001838014,664
Future Technology 2🚀7,0006368050,904
Future Technology 3🚀20,0002,00080160,000
Future Technology 4🚀39,0004,33380346,640
Future Technology 5🚀80,00010,00080800,000
Future Technology 6🚀150,00021,428801,714,280
Future Technology 7🚀300,00050,000804,000,000
Future Technology 8🚀500,000100,000808,000,000


How To Withdraw

  • Minimum withdrawal amount: 600 ₦
  • Withdrawal transaction fee is 10%.
  • Withdrawal time: 10:00AM-17:00PM
  • You can withdraw money once a day
  • Your investment will generate real-time feedback to you during our professional processing and operations. Due to frequent daily fund transactions, your withdrawal will arrive within 1 hour. (Generally 5-10 minutes) We are a legal business, so we must ensure the source of funds, and you will receive the withdrawal within 24 hours at the latest.
  • When your withdrawal status fails, please check whether your withdrawal information is complete or correct, and then resubmit or use another bank to withdraw.

How To Make Money From Referral Reward

  • When the first-level member you invite successfully invests, you can get a reward of 18% of the purchase amount
  • When the level 2 member you invited successfully invests, you can get a reward of 2% of the purchase amount
  • When the level 3 member you invite successfully invests, you can get a reward of 1% of the purchase amount

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme that would surely crash after operating for some time. But the good side is the platform just launched today and it might take some time before it crashes. So if you join early, you can make a lot of money before it crashes. Register with this registration link and get free 500 naira bonus.

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