Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched art auction investment platform that allow people make money through investing in art auctions. Sotheby’s claim to be the world’s leading auction house and its here to help you realize your freedom of wealth. Join now and you can build your own team and rent antiques and curios for a steady income!.

Join Our Investment Group

How Works

  1. Any new user who registers successfully will receive a bonus of 200 naira.
  2. The minimum value of the product is 3300, invite friends to join the company to recharge, will return 31% of the recharge amount as a bonus!
  3. Rent our antiques and curios and get 15% per day, and you can rent more than one antiques and curios and get 15% per day.
  4. The minimum cash withdrawal amount is 2000, within 30 minutes to the account. There is no limit to the number of times you can withdraw cash, and you can withdraw cash 24 hours a day. (A bank account can only bind a working account account).
  5. Please do not disclose the password, do not believe that other staff posing as Sotheby’s, the consequences of those who are deceived.

How To Join

Create a new account with this registration link

Benefits Of Joining

  • Minimum investment is 3300 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal is 1000 naira Investment Plans

All investment plans are valid for 28 days.

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Product NameDaily Income (₦)Price (₦)
Patek Philippe 3300495.003,300.00
Rolex 75001,125.007,500.00
The Jadeite Tianchi 280004,200.0028,000.00
Infinite Blue 560008,400.0056,000.00
Chinaware 9800014,700.0098,000.00
Chinaware 12800019,200.00128,000.00
Bronze 30000045,000.00300,000.00
Bronze 58000087,000.00580,000.00
The Naked Lady and the Cat 880000132,000.00880,000.00


How To Recharge

  1.  The minimum recharge amount is 3000NGN.If the payment is less than 3000NGN, it cannot be credited to the account, which will cause your property loss, and the company will not be responsible for it.
  2. Do not transfer money to the receiving account that has been used before. Every time you recharge, you must obtain the latest receiving account in the APP.
  3. Please wait patiently for 5-10 minutes after the payment is successful. If you have not received your payment after 10 minutes, Please upload recharge proof.
  4. Since many users use fake accounts to extract the company’s invitation rewards, the company now decides that all users’ first recharge amount must be used to purchase products (the second recharge amount is not subject to this restriction).

How To Make Money From Referral Bonus

When you invite your friends to join and they invest in a platform, you automatically earn 31% of the investment amount.

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme and can crash at anytime, so only invest the amount you can afford to loose.

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