Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched investment platform where you can invest and earn daily income for a long time. claims to be an auto company that manufactures racing cars for racers. The company claims it has been manufacturing cars for decades and it is trying to expand its business operations and seeking funds from interested investors in Nigeria. In this blog post, we would be exploring if all these claims are true and wheter is legit or a scam.

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Benefits Of Joining

  • Registration bonus is ₦100.
  • Lucky draw to win ₦15000 investment product.
  • Invite to register get ₦15 bonus, up to ₦750 total.
  • Invite user to invest you can get 15% cash back from their first time investment.
  • Team commission 8%, 3%, 1%, for every time your team income.
  • After the withdrawal is successful, upload the withdrawal screenshot Investment Plans

When you invest in, the company claims it basically uses your funds to build racing cars and as it loans out the cars to race drivers, it earns money to be able to pay you your daily returns. offers a lot of investment plans with each having different returns on investment

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Team NameTypeDaily ProfitTotal RevenueValidity PeriodPrice
AlphaTauri Racing Team₦100.00₦500.005days₦0.00
Haas Racing Team₦150.00₦9000.0060days₦3000.00
Alfa Romeo Racing Team₦513.00₦30780.0060days₦10000.00
Williams Racing Team₦790.00₦47400.0060days₦15000.00
Red Bull Racing Team₦1351.00₦81060.0060days₦25000.00
Mercedes Racing Team₦1945.00₦116700.0060days₦35000.00
Ferrari Racing Team₦2857.00₦214275.0075days₦50000.00
Aston Martin Racing Team₦4412.00₦330900.0075days₦75000.00
McLaren Racing Team₦6060.00₦454500.0075days₦100000.00
Alpine Racing Team₦9375.00₦703125.0075days₦150000.00
Red Bull Racing Team2₦12903.00₦967725.0075days₦200000.00
Mercedes Racing Team2₦20000.00₦1800000.0090days₦300000.00
Alpine Racing Team2₦28571.00₦2571390.0090days₦400000.00
Ferrari Racing Team2₦38462.00₦3461580.0090days₦500000.00
Aston Martin Racing Team2₦58333.00₦5249970.0090days₦700000.00
Aston Martin Racing Team2₦81818.00₦7363620.0090days₦900000.00
Williams Racing Team2₦120000.00₦14400000.00120days₦1200000.00
Haas Racing Team2₦177778.00₦21333360.00120days₦1600000.00
Alfa Romeo Racing Team2₦250000.00₦30000000.00120days₦2000000.00
AlphaTauri Racing Team2₦428571.00₦51428520.00120days₦3000000.00


How To Make Money Via Referral Bonus

Build your marketing team by using your invitation link and earn invitation rewards and commissions as cashback income.

1. Invite friends to register and they can get a reward of register ₦ 100.

2. Invite friends to invest in a racing team for the first time and get 15% cash back.

3. Team commissions are 8%, 3%, and 1%, you can get commissions from user income invite by you, try to share your invite link to build

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme that launched on 25/10/2023. The platform can crash anytime, so beware before investing in this platform.

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