Is Legit or Scam?

ChargeTech is a company that focuses on making our mobile electronic devices better. They offer things like portable power, products to sanitize devices and keep them clean, and devices to help manage and store our electronics. They work with people and businesses to find the best solutions for their needs. They are known for their high-quality and modern technology products that help people use their devices more easily.

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Product NamePriceDaily Income
E30 Charging Cart₦4,500.00₦1,440.00
E32 Charging Cart₦9,000.00₦2,970.00
R-Series UV-C Charging Cart₦25,000.00₦8,500.00
S-Series UV-C Charging Cart₦45,000.00₦15,750.00
6 Bay Touchscreen Charging Locker₦75,000.00₦27,750.00
Guardian-8 Charging Locker₦95,000.00₦37,050.00
Guardian-8 UV Charging Locker₦175,000.00₦71,750.00
Floor Stand for Guardian-8₦265,000.00₦116,600.00
S9 Power Stand₦475,000.00₦223,250.00
Charging Hub with Wireless Pad₦775,000.00₦395,250.00
Premium Power Table₦990,000.00₦613,800.00


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Is Legit?

ChargeTech is a ponzi scheme that can crash at any time. The platform launched today 26/10/2023. So if you want to make money from this platform, ensure you join early.

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