Is Cykle Investment Legit or Scam (

In this blog post, we would be taking a look at a new investment platform that just launched in Nigeria. We would be doing a critical analysis of the platform to determine if its legit or a fraudulent platform.

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Cykle Investment ( claims to be a P2P blockchain financial platform that focuses on innovative blockchain financial market. Cykle provides diversified financial services, with its main business being borrowing, investment and financing. Cykle bridge the divide between lenders and borrowers of cryptocurrency.

When you join Cykle investment, these are the benefits you get:

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  • Registration bonus of 200 naira
  • Minimum Deposit 2,000 naira
  • Minimum withdraw 1,500 naira
  • Invest ₦1,500 and get 300daily
  • Invest ₦2,000= ₦500 Daily
  • Invest ₦5,000 = ₦1,600 Daily
  • Invest₦10,000 = ₦3,000 Daily
    Invest ₦20,000 = ₦5,900daily


How To Invest & Make Money

  1. Create an account on Cykle Investment  using this registration link
  2. Login to your dashboard and click on “Deposit” menu at the top left to deposit funds to your wallet
  3. Click on the “Make Payment” button and follow the payment instructions: An account number would be generated, make payment to it and also upload evidence of payment on that same page.
  4. Click on the “investment” Menu at the top and select the investment package you want to invest in. The various investment packages are listed below
  5. Invest and withdraw your earnings daily.


Cykle Investment Packages

PlanAmountValidityEvery 24 hoursTotal Return
PLAN-1 COALNGN 200020 daysNGN 500NGN 10000
PLAN-2 MUSGRAVITENGN 400020 daysNGN 1000NGN 20000
PLAN-3 BENITOITENGN 800020 daysNGN 2000NGN 40000
PLAN-4 QUARTZNGN 1500020 daysNGN 3750NGN 75000
PLAN-5 AMMOLITENGN 3000020 daysNGN 7500NGN 150000
PLAN-6 MORGANITENGN 5000020 daysNGN 12500NGN 250000
PLAN-7 AMAZONITENGN 7500020 daysNGN 18750NGN 375000
PLAN-8 TOURMALINENGN 10000020 daysNGN 25000NGN 500000
PLAN-9 RUBYNGN 15000020 daysNGN 37500NGN 750000
PLAN-10 OPALNGN 20000020 daysNGN 50000NGN 1000000
PLAN-11 SAPPHIRENGN 30000020 daysNGN 75000NGN 1500000
PLAN-12 DIAMONDNGN 50000020 daysNGN 125000NGN 2500000
PLAN-13 EMERALDNGN 100000020 daysNGN 250000NGN 5000000


Make Money From Referrals

You can also make a lot of money on cykle investments by participating in its referral program. When you refer someone to the platform and the person invest in an investment package, you earn 30% of the investment amount.

Is Cykle Investment Legit?

Cykle investment is a ponzi scheme developed by some Nigerians. The platform would soon crash and the best thing is that the platform is new as it launched on the 4th of August, 2023. So if you register today, you would make a lot of money before it crashes.

You can join Cykle investment through this registration link and get a bonus of 200 naira.

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