Is Legit or Scam?

Phoenix ( is a newly launched investment platform in Nigeria that promises users that they can make 28% to 45% returns on investment daily.

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The company claims to be an investment platform spun off by parent company Phoenix Contact – a global market leader in the field of industrial automation and electrical engineering employing over 20,300 people worldwide and headquartered in Schieder-Schwalenberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, close to the Group’s headquarters in Blomberg. T

Phoenix Contact E-Mobility provides a broad charging technology portfolio for the rapidly growing e-mobility market – for both the vehicle charging interface and the charging infrastructure. Together with our customers and numerous additional Phoenix Contact Group components, we create networked, complete solutions for environmentally friendly, sustainable mobility.

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Benefits Of Joining

  • Newly lunched (6th of August, 2023)
  • Minimum investment amount is 3000 naira
  • Minimum withdraw amount is 1000 naira
  • 100 naira registration bonus

How To Invest & Make Money

  1. Create an account on using this registration link
  2. Login to your dashboard and click on “Deposit” menu to deposit the money you want to use to invest in the platform
  3. Make payment to the account number displayed on your screen. Immediately your wallet would be creditted.
  4. Go back to your dashboard and select a Phoenix investment plan to invest in
  5. Sit back and enjoy your earnings.

Phoenix offers 8 investment plans with the lowest one being 3,000 naira which pays 28% daily interest.

Phoenixonline1 Investment Plans

MSTotal ReturnDeposit AmountReturn PeriodDaily ReturnDaily Return %Total Return %
MS101₦84,000₦3,000100 Days₦84028%2,800%
MS102₦145,000₦5,000100 Days₦1,45029%2,900%
MS103₦300,000₦10,000100 Days₦3,00030%3,000%
MS104₦960,000₦30,000100 Days₦9,60032%3,200%
MS105₦1,700,000₦50,000100 Days₦17,00034%3,400%
MS106₦3,600,000₦100,000100 Days₦36,00036%3,600%
MS107₦20,000,000₦500,000100 Days₦200,00040%4,000%
MS108₦45,000,000₦1,000,000100 Days₦450,00045%4,500%


How To Make Money From Referrals

When you refer users to the phoenix platoform, you earn commission when they invest into phoenix investment packages. You earn 30% commission for a level 1 referral, 4% commission on a level 2 referral and 1% commission on a level 3 referral.


How To Withdraw Earnings

When your earnings get to the minimum withdrawal amount, you can initiate a withdrawal request. Withdrawal is automatic and 24/7. You get access to a maximum of 5 withdrawals daily. The minimum amount to withdraw is 1000 naira. There are no withdrawal fees, and withdrawals arrive in your bank account within 1 hour.


Is Phoenixonline1 Legit? is a ponzi scheme impersonating Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH, a germany based mobility company (

Update: Phoenix has crashed as at 11th of august, 2023. They no longer make withdrawals. Your withdrawal request would just keep showing processing.

27 thoughts on “Is Legit or Scam?”

  1. ID:0805667090
    I made a payment yesterday with my post and it’s not reflecting.
    From:Ololade Hairs and perfume Store.
    AND have not been given ticket.

  2. I made a payment this morning to Damilola Oyinkansola Aderionla Account number (9550821517) and my money is not yet reflecting till now account name is Emmanuel Kayode Arewa account account number (8133068743) the sum of 10,000.

    • But have you ever receive alert before because me I’m confused my own is still writing processing since 3days now I don’t understand please tell me

  3. Since yesterday my withdrawal have not finish processing for successful withdrawal till now and it’s my first time hope is not a scam 10k haaa

  4. I registered yesterday, two accounts with 5k each, one is reflecting, the other one hasn’t reflected, and I tried to send message to them with screenshot of my proof of payment, up till now, it’s still showing confirming since yesterday

  5. There withdrawals are not reflecting in the account within an hour as you said cause i made a withdraw going to 24 hours now till haven’t seen it yet.

  6. I withdraw my first daily income since yesterday, up till now I haven’t received my money.
    Hope is not what am thinking

  7. Omo this program is totally scamming they can only collect your money but they will never gives you your earning money to withdraw….Omo I don’t believe I forh for this scam

  8. Oh my God i used my last 3k on it and I’ve been given my daily money, only for me to withdraw and I can’t log in to the account again up it now it’s Server Error 😓😓

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