Is Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, we would be doing a comprehensive review on a new investment platform called  that claims to be in affiliation with popular DHL which is an American-founded German logistics company providing courier, package delivery and express mail service, delivering over 1.8 billion parcels per year.

Join Our Investment Group claims to be the financial arm and sister company to DHL. in this review, we would be finding out if these statments are true or not and also confirming if is truly legit or is just one of the ponzi and scam platforms online. Benefits

How To Recharge

The minimum recharge amount is 1000NGN. If the payment is less than 1000NGN or more than the requested amount, it cannot be credited to the account, which will cause your funds loss, and the company will not be responsible for it.

Join Telegram Channel

Please wait patiently for 5-15 minutes after the payment is successful. If you have not received your payment after 15 minutes, please contact online customer service for support and assistance.

How To Withdraw

These are all the withdrawal information you need to be aware of before placing withdrawal requests.

  1. The minimum withdrawal amount is 750NGN and maximum is 100,000NGN.
  2. No withdrawal tax so it’s free to withdraw.
  3. Withdrawal period is from 6am to 4pm. Mondays – Fridays.
  4. The withdrawal will be received within 12 hour. If there are special circumstances that cause the withdrawal to be delayed, it will not exceed 24 hours.
  5. Please make sure that your bank account information is filled in correctly, otherwise the withdrawal will fail. Investment Plans

PACKAGEValidityDaily IncomeTotal IncomeBuy
128 Days100 NGN2800 NGN₦900
228 Days150 NGN4200 NGN₦1,500
328 Days200 NGN5600 NGN₦2,000
428 Days300 NGN8400 NGN₦3,000
528 Days400 NGN11200 NGN₦4,000
628 Days500 NGN14000 NGN₦5,000
728 Days700 NGN19600 NGN₦7,000
828 Days1000 NGN28000 NGN₦10,000
928 Days1500 NGN42000 NGN₦15,000
1028 Days2000 NGN56000 NGN₦20,000
1128 Days2500 NGN70000 NGN₦25,000
1228 Days3000 NGN84000 NGN₦30,000
1328 Days4000 NGN112000 NGN₦40,000
1428 Days5000 NGN140000 NGN


Is Legit? is a scam and a ponzi scheme impersonating Dhl which is a reputable delivery company known all over the world. The main intent of is to receive money from unsuspecting victims under the pretence of investing in DHL, but in reality they are being scammed by fraudsters. We would advice that you avoid this platform

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