Is Legit or Scam? is an agtech platform that claims to be on a mission to provide solutions to food shortage in Nigeria. The company claims it is focusses on solving food inefficiencies in Nigeria by connecting investors and farmers together while also leveraging on technologies to optimise the process. If you want to invest in the Agricultural sector in Nigeria, Divinefarm claims you should explore its platform as it would provide you with the tools and platform for you to invest in farming and earn huge returns.

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Benefits Of Investing in

  • Launched on 31/10/2023
  • Minimun deposit is 1,000 naira
  • Minimum withdraw 500 naira
  • Referral commission for Level 1: 25%
  • Referral commission for Level 2: 2%
  • Referral commission for Level 3: 1%

Ways To Make Money On

Daily Checkin Rewards

Check-in every day, and you get to earn daily checkin reward ranging from 10 naira to 500 naira. This is a daily benefit for users.


Make money from investing in an investment plan. Divine farm offers a wide variation of investment plans you can invest in with each one giving high daily returns. The more you invest, the more daily returns you earn. The cheapest investment plan costs just 1,000 naira and when you subscribe to it, you get to earn 250 naira everyday for 10 days. This means in just 10 days, you can convert your 1,000 naira to 2,500 naira.

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These are the available investment plans you can invest in.

VIP LevelFarm PriceDaily ReturnsPeriodTotal
VIP1NGN1000NGN25010 daysNGN2500
VIP2NGN2000NGN50010 daysNGN5000
VIP3NGN5000NGN130010 daysNGN13000
VIP4NGN7500NGN195010 daysNGN19500
VIP5NGN10000NGN270010 daysNGN27000
VIP6NGN15000NGN380010 daysNGN38000
VIP7NGN20000NGN540010 daysNGN54000
VIP8NGN50000NGN1300010 daysNGN130000


Referral commission

You can also make money on divine farm by participating in its referral program. When you invite your family and friends. When thy invest in an investment plan, you automatically earn a percentage of the investment amount. There are 3 investment levels. When you directly refer someone, the person becomes your level 1 referral and you would earn 25% of what the person invests. Your level 2 referral is the person referred by your level 1 referral. While your level 3 referral is the person referred by your level 2 referral.

  • Level 1; 25%
  • Level 2; 2%
  • Level 3; 1%

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme. Currently the platform is paying, but we cant guarantee if it would last for even 3 days. So we advice that you avoid it so as not to fall victim to scammer who created the platform.

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