Is Legit or Scam? is a new task to earn platform that allow people earn money by reviewing brands. You can make a lot of money on this platform when you review brands and products. Rateglo claims it is in partnership with a lot of brands and companies who are hoping to get customer’s feedback so as to improve their services and offerings. They claim that most top brands never launch without hearing what people say, and that leading brands understand the importance of customer feedback, and that’s precisely why Rateglo was created.

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Rateglo platform empowers both brands and individuals, allowing you to earn extra income during your free time while helping brands refine their products and services by sharing your valuable opinions.

Ways To Make Money On Rateglo

To start earning on Rateglo, follow the below steps:

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  1. Engage with Brands: Begin by familiarizing yourself with various brands on the platform.
  2. Leave Reviews: After observing the brands for a while, leave short reviews or review banners to share your thoughts and opinions.
  3. Level Up: As you continue to participate and engage with brands, you will progress through different levels.
  4. Unlock More Offers: With each level you achieve, you’ll unlock access to a wider range of offers and opportunities to earn.
  5. Make a review: Note the brand for a while and then leave a short review. It will take just a few Seconds.
  6. Referrals: Share your referral link and tell your friends about Rateglo, as soon as your friend joins We’ll confirm your referral earning.
  7. Share Videos: You can make $5 to $200 by making a video about Rateglo on your YouTube channel. Create a video that’s 5 minutes or longer and put your Referral link in it. The more people watch and subscribe, the more money you’ll make. But remember, your channel needs at least 200 subscribers.
  8. Earn: As we add your earnings, you can transfer it to your PayPal account, Skrill and more options.

Rateglo Job Levels

Level 1 Jobs 

When you newly register on the platform, you automaticall become a level 1 job user, which means you get simple tasks. Simply complete a task to earn from $2 to $20 for higher offers.

Level 2 Jobs 

To do a Level 2 job, you need to have $6.5 in your account. Level 2 jobs pay better than level 1 jobs and to qualify for level 2 jobs, you need to have made up to $6.5.

Level 3 Jobs
To qualify for Level 3 jobs, you need to share Rateglo and get 3 referrals.


Make Money By Referring Friends

You can earn $1 when your friend Join rateglo through your referral link. Also your friend will earn $5 from registering.

Share link with your friends, family, or anyone you think might be interested in the platform. When your friends sign up or make a qualifying action using your referral link, you receive $1. These referrals can be in the form of cash, credits, or other.

How To Withdraw

Rateglo claims you can withdraw your earnings when you have made up to the minimum withdrawal amount of $20. You can place a withdrawal request. Rateglo supports a lot of payment gateways which you can use to withdraw your eanings. You can withdraw via paypal, crypto (usdt), Skrill, Western union, etc.

Is Legit? is one of those fake task to earn platforms that deceive people into thinking they can earn a lot of money by just completing tasks. The platform deceive people by promising huge pay for completing tasks. When in reality the website just contain surveys and after users have completed the surveys and made a lot of money, they wont be able to withdraw their earnings.

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