Is Synthopia Game Legit or Scam (

Synthopia Game ( is a website that allow people earn money by watching adverts. The platform provides an opportunity for people to make extra income just by viewing ads. They offer a lot of adverts on their websites. As you watch ads, you get points which is how you earn money. OOnce you have accumulated enough points or money, you can now place withdrawal requests to withdraw your money.

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The company claims it provides life changing opportunities with various plans that suit everyone. You can earn money for free just by performing little tasks like viewing ads.

How It Works

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Synthopia Games is a marketing agency that is in partnership with a lot of gaming companies, and it advertises these games to people to install. As people view &watch these game ads and install the games, they make money. When you newly register on  Synthopia Game, you would automatically have access to view only 5 ads daily. Each ads pays 50 naira, which means you can only make 250 naira daily on the free plan. If you want to earn more money, then you need to subscribe to one of Synthopia Game plans which gives you access to view more ads.

Below are the various Synthopia Game plans you can upgrade to

Game IncomeIncomeReferral CommissionTree CommissionDaily Ad View Limit
Game Income₦0₦500₦505
Game Income 2₦2000₦1000₦10010
Game Income 3₦5000₦2000₦20015
Game Income 4₦10000₦4000₦30025
Game Income 5₦20000₦8000₦50040

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Ways To Make Money On Synthopia Game


  • You would make 250 Nigerian Naira daily for participating in the free ads view scheme, which gives you access to 5 ads per day for 5 seconds. Do the simple maths and submit to earn
  • You make 500 for every new member you invite to join us for free
  • You withdraw your profits immediately once you reach minimum requirements of 5000 Nigerian Naira. All paid within 10 minutes of request
  • You can make so much money with this for free.
  • Share to friends and make over 10000 daily


  • You would make between  1,000 to 20,000 Nigerian Naira daily after subscribing to a plan which gives you increased daily ad view
  • You make between 1,000 naira to 8,000 naira as referral commission depending on the plan your referee subscribe to
  • You can withdraw your profits immediately once you reach minimum requirements of 5000 Nigerian Naira.

Is Synthopia Game Legit?

Synthopia Game is one of non reliable watch ads to earn platform out there. Currently there is no valid withdrawal proof by anyone who has successfully withdrawn from the platform. Also

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