Is Earnhive Legit or Scam?

Are you looking for a way to grow your money, Earnhive is a new professional money making app that allows you make money from the comfort of your home. With Earnhive, you can make money by performing various tasks that fetch you money. You can also make money through their affiliate program by referring other people to join the platform.

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When you join Earnhive, these are the benefits you get

Registration Fee: #4,500
Welcome Bonus: #2,000 instantly upon registration.
Daily Login: #300 for logging in daily.
1st Sponsor Post: #200 for posting as a sponsor.
2nd Sponsor Post: #200 for another sponsor post.
Referral Bonus: If you invite friends or family to Earnhive, you get #3,500 for each person you bring into the system.

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How To Make Money On Earnhive

To start making money on Earnhive, you need to either register as an affliate or a Task earner. registration fee for joining earnhive is just 4,500 naira.

Register with this registration link to get 2,000 naira welcome bonus

There are 5 different ways you can make money from Earnhive.

Earnhive Recharge: With Hive Recharge You can Sell Data and airtime from your activities balance / Earnhive earnings and earn weekly profit from it. You can also sub and recharge yourself. You can buy airtime using your Earnhive earnings.

Earnhive P2P: Register a downline using your activity earnings. With Hive p2p you can use your activities Balance to Register the next new user and keep the money to yourself which means you
can earn Over 10-25k weekly through the P2p section.

Earnhive Game: Predict any game using your Earnhive earnings and get paid if you win. With Hive game you can Win the sum of N500 on Each Correct winning and cashout to your Bank.

Earnhive Freelancing: Advertise your products and business with Earnhive to boost sales and attract customers. If you join Earnhive, you can post or advertise your jobs and earn money when someone else hires you for the job.

Earnhive Referrals: When you refer someone to join earnhive, you earn 3,500 naira.

How To Withdraw On Earnhive

Withdrawing on Earnhive is a straightforward process. Earnhive supports all Nigerian banks for withdrawal. You just need to provide your bank account and input the amount you want to withdraw and you would receive your money instantly.

Minimum Withdrawal for Affliate

Withdrawal Amount: 7,000 naira.
Withdrawal Time: 2pm – 4pm.
Withdrawal Days: Mon, Thurs & Fridays.

Minimum withdrawal Amount For Task Earners

Withdrawal Amount: 22,000H
Withdrawal Time: Anytime portal is opened for user
Withdrawal Days: Anytime portal is opened for user

Is Earnhive Legit or Scam

Earnhive seems to be a legit platform as there are no major reason to consider it a scam. Earnhive offers various opportunities for users to earn money, and it’s simple to use. Keep in mind that investment platforms always carry some risks, so it’s essential to be cautious and understand how it works before getting involved.

Register with this registration link and get 2,000 naira registration bonus

28 thoughts on “Is Earnhive Legit or Scam?”

    • Sorry for your loss. You coukd invest that money in raw gold by buying a portfolio with mega investment cooperative. The problem is nigerians most times are not patient thinking you can make money doing nothing. Patience is key.

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  1. Earnhive is a scam after registration with 4500 I logged out to earn my 300 the said the couldn’t find my credentials and didn’t allow me login.Na SCAM no put your money RUN oooo

  2. Earnhive is a sure legit business platform to venture into. Tested and trusted, got paid quick and clear on Earnhive. If you no join EARNHIVE you go explain tire.
    To register on discount Rush now before it ends.

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  3. Hi

    JOIN network that will pay you for your hardwork. Stop allowing your self to get scammed and lose integrity.

    Join mega coop network and get paid for your hard work, not all this ones that fail and make you lose integrity.

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    I know we want to make money with the little we have but lets do it with right platform so you dont lose your little money and integrity.

    Lets reason this and do the maths.

    You pay N4000 to join

    The person that invited you will get N3500

    Then you too will get N3000 welcome bonus.

    Please let me ask you, the platform has paid 3500+3000(4000)

    How much did you pay? Is it not N4000
    So where did they get additional 2k.

    Then you still earn whooping 4-5%commission daily 225 for.45 days

    Please where is the sense in this.

    You cant do a business where your expenses is more than your income. It will crash.

    Na just lure.

    This is just an example

    Lets be wise please

  4. Earnhive is a big scam o, u can only withdraw ur affiliate balance but cannot withdraw ur non affiliate balance. That is u can only withdraw the bonus given wen u invite someone but cannot withdraw the money made form only task. then I asked myself what is the essence performing task that you can NEVER withdraw. Not everybody likes referring people. Any one you see or hear saying otherwise that they’re not SCAM, the person is part of the whole SCAM activity. Rubbish platform


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