Is Legit or Scam?

Bdknice is a Nigerian based investment website that claims to provide users easier way of making money online from the comfort of their home. claims to be a perfume manufacturing and distribution company based in paris founded by David Benedek who is one of the youngest designers in the global perfume industry and a third-generation perfume manufacturer.

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In this review, we would confirm if truly is a legit platform or is a scam investment website created by fraudsters with the intent of defrauding Nigerians.

When you join investment platform, you get access to the below benefits.

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  • Invitation rewards. between 1000 to 3000 naira
  • Signup Bonus of 500 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is 500 naira
  • Minimum deposit amount is. 3000 naira
  • Weekly payment of earnings

How To Make Money On

To start making money on Bdk, register an account with this registration link first.

Bdk Nice offers 2 ways of making money on their platform. You can either invest in any of their perfume investment packages or refer other people to invest in the platform.

How To Invest

Investing in is the main way of making money on the platform. When you invest in any of investment packages, the company pays you 6% of your investment daily. So for instance if you invest 10,000 naira, you earn 600 naira daily for 30 days.

Bdknice offers 6 investment packages you ca select from The investment package with the minimum amount is DIS-1, it costs just 3,000 naira and you earn 180 naira daily for 30days. The highest investment amount is 100,000 naira and it pays 7,000 naira daily. Investment Packages

Price : 3,000
30-day contract period:
Daily income: ₦180
Total income: 5400

Price: 8,000
35-day contract period:
Daily income: ₦496
Total income: ₦17360

Price: 15,000
40-day contract period:
Daily income: ₦960
Total income: ₦38400

Price: 27,000
45-day contract period:
Daily income: ₦1782
Total income: ₦80190

Price: 58,000
50-day contract period:
Daily income: ₦3944
Total income: ₦179200

Price: 100,000
50-day contract period:
Daily income: ₦7000
Total income: ₦385000

Is Legit? is a ponzi and scam website impersonating Bdknice Parfums (, a popular paris based perfume business. They copied pictures and text from the original Bdknice Parfums website to deceive users into believing that they are a legitimate company, when in reality, they run a ponzi scheme.

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  1. Bdk re real scammer
    Telling me to put in my 40000 so that I can use it to pull my money out
    Am I that foolish
    I know am making noise but
    I will make the louder noise telling people bdk
    Re scammers


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