Is Legit or Scam? is a new investment platforms that promises users the ability to make returns on investment daily. You can make as much as 17% daily when you invest in

Join Our Investment Group claims to be a car auction website that revamps old classic cars and auction them. They allow users invest in the repair and revamp of old classic cars and when the cars are sold, users make money.

How To Invest In

To invest in, you first need to create an account. You can either use an existing member’s referral url or you visit the website and click on the sign up menu. Fill in the required information and complete sign up.

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To start investing, login to your account to access the list of investment plans offers. You can now select any plan that you can afford, go ahead and deposit the investment amount. Investment Plans

Brand, Model, and YearInvestment Cycle (150 Times)Times ProfitsTotal Profits
Chevrolet – Belair – 1957₦1500.00₦180.00₦27,000
Ford – Mustang V8 – 1966₦3000.00₦540.00₦81,000
Corvette – C3 – 1969₦5000.00₦950.00₦142,500
Jeep – Wangler 2.5 Sport – 1991₦10,000.00₦2000.00₦300,000
Ford – Mustang V8 – 1966₦20,000.00₦4400.00₦660,000
Ford USA – Custom – 1950₦30,000.00₦7200.00₦1,080,000
AMC – Hornet – 1974₦50,000.00₦13,000.00₦1,950,000
Mustang V8 Hardtop Coupe – 1965₦100,000.00₦28,000.00₦4,200,000
MG – B Roadster – NO RESERVE – 1968₦200,000.00₦62,000.00₦9,300,000
Ferrari – Mondial Quattrovalvole – 1982₦300,000.00₦102,000.00₦15,300,000
Mercedes-Benz – 300 D (W189) Cabriolet – 1958₦500,000.00₦185,000.00₦27,750,000
Jaguar – E-type series 1 – 4.2 Coupé – 1967₦900,000.00₦360,000.00₦54,000,000


Is Legit?

Based on our review after using the platform, is a scam and ponzi scheme. Beware.

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  1. beware from them I lost all my savings to this company, trick me into investing with them hoping for a great return which all turn out to be lies. I feel so much pain when I realized they have no intention of keeping their problems. I am telling you for free to stay far far from here and never engage yourself because it’s not worth investing in ; this web should be shut down by the authorities, help prevent others away from this site before they got ripped too and those who’re ready victims like myself to contact; nick jover4 @ gmaiI com to get rightful justice and a refund as well. NOTE : STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY


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