Is Doremimedia Legit or Scam? is the latest investment platform a lot of Nigerians are rushing to now. Doremimedia is a Nigerian investment company that claims to help users make extra income to supplement their salaries and wages. Users can invest money and earn of to 6% of their investment daily. claims to be an advertising and media company that uses technology to provide media services. The company claims it allows users invest in shared digital signages, and as the signages display ads, users make profits daily. This sounds like an interesting business model. In this review, we would be exploring doremimedia offerings and claims to determine if it is legit or the platfom is a scam.

Join Our Investment Group

When you join doremimedia, you have access to the following benefits

  • Minimum investment is #3000
  • Minimum withdrawal is #1200
  • Daily Percentage: 6%
  • Withdrawal percentage: 10%
  • Invite 2 users get 4k as weekly salary
  • Invite 4 users get 8k weekly salary
  • Invite 6 users get 12k as weekly salary

How To Invest In

To Invest in doremimedia, create an account via the website, login to your account and you would be able to access all the investment offerings doremimedia offers. Select the investment package you want to invest in and fund your wallet. These are the various investment packages available

Join Telegram Channel Investment Plans

ProductBasic Daily IncomeMy Daily IncomeAmount
AD-machine0016%₦180.003000 naira
AD-machine0026%₦480.008000 naira
AD-machine0036%₦960.0016000n aira


How To Make Money From Referrals

Doremimedia pays you when you refer other people to the platform, especially when those people invest in any of the investment plans.

A new promotion will start from August 1st. As long as you invite new users to become members and add customer service contact information, the bonus will be distributed according to 10% of the new member’s first recharge shopping amount.

The first ₦10,000,000 promotion for referrals by DoremiMedia was a big success, and many users received ₦20,000 for recommending 10 valid users. But now, the first phase of bonuses has been used up, and new members missed out on this opportunity.

To help all members with marketing and team building, DoremiMedia decided to add ₦5,000,000 more. This extra budget will be available on July 31, but it’s first-come, first-served, and there’s limited quantity. This is the last chance to benefit from the increased budge.


Is Legit? is simply a ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment scheme where returns are paid to earlier investors using the funds of newer investors. Doremimedia promise of unrealistic high returns on investment is a strategy to lure victims into investing in the platform. Therefore we do not advice you invest in doremimedia. If you still want to invest, ensure you invest only the amount you can afford to loose.

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