Is Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, we would be doing a comprehensive review on a new investment platform in Nigeria called This  review would let us know if Legit is legit or a scam and whether it is still paying at the moment.

Join Our Investment Group is a new investment platform that claims users can make daily income by investing in its various investment plans. Users who invest earn daily commission which is as high as 15% daily. claims to be a sister company to the popular united states based wine company, E. & J. Gallo Winery, founded in 1933 by Ernest and Julio Gallo. E & J Gallo is one of the largest wine producers globally. The company boasts an extensive portfolio of premium wines, including popular brands like Barefoot Cellars, Apothic, and Gallo Family Vineyards.

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How To Make Money On

To begin the process of making money on Ej-wine, you need to create an account first using this registration link. Visit the website and click on create an account. Fill in the relevant details like your phone number, email, password and names. After that, you can now login to access your dashboard.

Make Money From Investment

To start your investment journey, click on the wine menu at the bottom, a new page would open listing all investment packages you can invest in with each one having its amount and daily commission rate. Select the investment package you wnt to subscribe to and then make payment.

Below are the various investment plans offered by Investments are done in Usdt. The minimum amount you can invest is 6 USDT to earn 0.48USDT daily. The maximum amount you can invest is 675USDT to earn 46 USDT daily Investment Plans

NAmount(USDT)Cycle (Days)Daily IncomeTotal Revenue



Making Money From Referrals

Be a part of affiliate program and earn commissions by sharing your love for EJ Wine with others. When you refer friends, family, or anyone interested in quality wines, you’ll get a percentage of their investment purchases.You can take your earnings to the next level by building a team of wine enthusiasts and affiliates. As your network grows, you’ll receive additional bonuses and incentives, creating a steady source of daily income.

How To Withdraw Earnings

EJ Wine makes it easy to withdraw your earnings with a transparent and straightforward process. You can access your funds conveniently and enjoy the rewards of your efforts quickly. You can withdraw your earnings to your Nigerian bank account when you get to the minimum withdrawal limit.

Is Legit? is a scam and a ponzi scheme impersonating the popular united states wine company, E&J Gallo ( Ej-wine company also copied pictures, logo and about us text from the original website to their own site in order to deceive Nigerians into believing they are legit or in partnership with the real company. operates a ponzi scheme that would soon crash.


52 thoughts on “Is Legit or Scam?”

  1. As of now, I can confirm that this scheme is still working and making people rich. And I’ve been doing this since May.
    Leave me a msg on WhatsApp and I’ll guide you

  2. Mo ya look away, me that I have been observing before thinking of investing and now this,hmm they say once beating twice shy,this is not even the right time in nigeria to be loosing money to scammers

  3. If you haven’t registered or recharged pls hold on for now.. there’s pending withdrawal problems.
    This scheme been working fine for months but lately has been having issues
    WhatsApp 09155706603

  4. I want to withdraw and it shows there Risk account
    What’s the meaning of that eh
    I don enter am oh
    I never one day do online shits like this
    But no wahala if I lose it all for the first time mehn
    Huge Damm block is gone
    Sad dude

  5. Ponzi scheme all are scams imagine paying 65usdt to get back the money invested they ran out of funds so they are looking for scapegoats don’t invest ooo.

  6. Finally crashed..
    When they published 1day and so many 3 days package with higher dollar value, I know there’s problem.

  7. I think this is scam o, I’m a member, losing huge money already, the site is now placing Risk Account on your registered phone account and still asking you to pay 65USDT before you can withdraw, i want to believe this is scam. Plus other people saying they can’t withdraw for the past 3days…this is serious and real scam.
    I’m just thinking if I should curse them that God will judge them and destroy their family but at the same time, i was thinking God will ask me, did you hear from me before you invest in ponzi scheme scam.
    The rest, please shine your eyes and be wise again. They will change the company name and present this to us again…scammers don’t relent and come in different form.
    I learnt in a big way, and felt crying…

  8. Please I beg you people in the name of God don’t sign in to that App it’s fake
    I’m a victim of it they just scam us this Agust
    Please don’t listen to them.

  9. BIG TIME SCAMMERS… My heart goes to those who are hooked already – You better don’t fall for the $65 dollar recharge stunts – it’s another gimmick of ripping you more. Don’t be surprised some more people will be paid just to make many others feel that paying the $65 would make you get your money.

    The more people that pay the $65, the more their own chance of finally packing up more funds.

    A deal with no point of two way communication is NO DEAL – How come I’m having my money with you and you restricted my access to TALK TO YOU.



  10. Ej wine is a real scam. Please, let the public be aware of this, I have been scammed. They received money from individual investors, have their names and phone numbers. Why would they requested for a payment of $65 for account verification when they could make use of the investors’ phone numbers? Please run o…. Don’t even say make u try small. Na scam, I have been scammed of over $500. They will never know peace again in this life!

  11. I’ve been saying this for the past 4 days nobody should join again, I’ve been ripped and scammed of 250k naira now I’m left stranded and broke. I never believe i could fall for this kinda scam cause I thought I was way smarter than this I guess I’m just stupid. All my funds are gone 😭😭😭💔💔💔

  12. Gallo winery are scammers I have reported their wema bank account to wema bank on Twitter,I have also tagged instablog and Gistlover on twitter to let people know that these bastard yahoo boiz cloned a fake gallo wine site to be scamming millions of Nigeria…DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR PONZI SCHEME SCAM…I PRAY THEY GET CAUGHT SOON,THEY ARE NOTHING BUT BASTARDS THEY SCAMMED SOMEOME I KNOW…DONT FALL

  13. This program isn’t real at all… I was scammed of 500k+ I have been waiting for them to credit me since on the 26th and yet nothing is showing the worst part of it now is that I can’t even withdraw to my acct
    I was doped oooo Una no go make am ooo
    Normally such never do me before because I wasn’t expecting myself dropping some certain amount of money to earn more money but since it’s a product am buying and it’d be sold to refund back my money that’s why I had to put in into this program as an investment nothing knowing everything is gone
    You’ll never reap good fortune as you fraud all of us ooo
    Una go suffer last ni ooo

  14. It’s really a scam, no way for you to communicate with them, their help and services feauture don’t work. My heart is broken and I’m even I debt, I invested money for my business and borrowed to in hopes to make more and now it’s all gone.

  15. These people are real scammers. I can’t believe I fall for it though is not big compared to what others are losing but is very big for me


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