Is Legit Or Scam?

The purpose of Fidelity Fund is to build the future through investment. They believe long-term investment is the key to achieving this goal. As a company jointly owned by the founding family and management, Fidelity insists on creating and providing suitable investment services for customers with a cross-generational thinking dimension. They focus on delivering sustainable returns on investment to their clients while managing their impact on society and the environment.

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How To Join

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How To Make Money On

  • Earn stable income every hour by investing in our fund plan,
  • For any fund you invest in, your principal will be refunded after maturity.
  • Build your own team and use your subordinates to earn income for you.
  • For invitation rewards and team benefits, please see the introduction below.

How to Recharge?

  • The minimum recharge amount on the platform is ₦3000. If it is less than ₦3000, it will not be reflected in your account balance.
  • Each time you recharge, you must obtain the latest payment address from the APP and the platform. Please do not save the previous payment address for payment.
  • After obtaining the latest payment address, open your bank APP and copy our payee information to transfer. Please wait 1-10 minutes after the payment is successful. It will arrive automatically.
  • If the payment is successful but has not been reflected in your account balance for a long time, please contact customer service.

How to Withdraw Money?

  • The minimum withdrawal amount on the platform is ₦1000
  • The platform withdrawal time is from Monday to Sunday 10:00-17:00
  • Withdrawal time arrives within 1-6 hours
  • Please fill in the correct bank information. If the withdrawal keeps failing, please check whether your bank information is correct. Investment Plans

VIPFund TypeHolding PeriodUnit PriceHours EarningsTotal RevenueReturn RateInvest Now
VIP1Fidelity Fund (free trial)168 hours₦ 0.00₦ 2.5₦0.00 + ₦42042.00%Invest now
VIP2Fidelity Fund Class A120 hours₦ 3000.00₦ 6.25₦3000.00 + ₦75015.00%Invest now
VIP3Fidelity Fund Class B240 hours₦ 6000.00₦ 12.5₦6000.00 + ₦300017.00%Invest now
VIP4Fidelity Fund Class C360 hours₦ 15000.00₦ 31.25₦15000.00 + ₦1125021.00%Invest now
VIP5Fidelity Fund Class D480 hours₦ 50000.00₦ 104₦50000.00 + ₦4992025.00%Invest now
VIP6Fidelity Fund Class E720 hours₦ 100000.00₦ 219₦100000.00 + ₦15768029.00%Invest now
VIP7Fidelity Fund Class F1008 hours₦ 200000.00₦ 462₦200000.00 + ₦46569635.00%Invest now
VIP8Fidelity Fund Class G1320 hours₦ 450000.00₦ 1102₦450000.00 + ₦145464026.00%Invest now
VIP9Fidelity Fund Class H1800 hours₦ 650000.00₦ 1805₦650000.00 + ₦324900032.00%Invest now
VIP10Fidelity Fund Class I2160 hours₦ 850000.00₦ 2529₦850000.00 + ₦546264037.00%Invest now Referral Program

You can earn rewards by inviting friends to join us. You can invite up to 50 people and get ₦5 for each person who joins. Here’s how it works:

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  1. Invite members to sign up using your unique referral link: You can invite up to 50 people to earn rewards of ₦5 per person.
  2. Invite members to invest, and you will immediately receive investment rewards of 20% for the first level, 6% for the second level, and 1% for the third level.
  3. For example: if your subordinate member invests ₦100,000, if he is your first-level member, then you can receive a reward of ₦20,000. If he is your second-level member, you can receive ₦6000, If he is your third level member, you can get a reward of ₦1000, Invitation / Team Program

Expand your team. Even if you don’t do anything every day, you can still get rich rewards for what you do.

  1. Complete daily tasks:
    • Invite 2 friends daily to invest and buy fund rewards to earn ₦600.00.
    • Invite 4 friends daily to invest and buy fund rewards to earn ₦3,200.00.
    • Invite 6 friends daily to invest and buy fund rewards to earn ₦8,800.00.
  2. Please note that daily tasks apply only to direct friends you invite, not indirect ones.
  3. Daily tasks reset at 00:00 every day, so make sure to complete them before the reset time to earn your rewards.

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