Is G-cashmining Legit or Scam (

Gcashmining claims to be a global online investment platform that offer users daily income of their investment every 24hours. Anyone who invests in G-cashmining would automatically receive their daily earnings everyday. Below are the key features of g-cashmining

Join Our Investment Group

  • Launched on 20/10/2023
  • New user registration is rewarded with free equipment.
  • Users receive welcome bonus of #200 after successful registration
  • Minimum recharge amount is #1,000
  • Maximum recharge amount is #800,000
  • Minimum withdrawal is #1010
  • Maximum withdrawal amount is #100,000
  • First level referral commission is 17%
  • Second level referral commission is  2%
  • Third level referral commission  is 2%

How To Join G-Cashmining

Create a new account with this registration link

G-cashmining Investment Plans

When you invest in G-cashmining bot investment plans, you earn daily returns of between 15% to 30% every single day for 50 days. So for instance the lowest investment plan costs just 1,500 naira and when you invest in it, you earn 255 naira daily for 50days which means your 1500 would fetch you 12,750 naira in just 50 days. Also new users are given a free test bot that fetches you 50 naira for 3 days.

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BotDaily SalaryTotal RevenuePriceEquipment Uptime
BOT 1₦255.0012750 NGN₦1,500.0050 Days
BOT 2₦430.0021500 NGN₦2,500.0050 Days
BOT 3₦1,015.0050750 NGN₦6,000.0050 Days
BOT 4₦1,690.0084500 NGN₦10,000.0050 Days
BOT 5₦3,380.00169000 NGN₦20,000.0050 Days
BOT 6₦8,380.00419000 NGN₦50,000.0050 Days
BOT 7₦16,720.00836000 NGN₦100,000.0050 Days
BOT 8₦50,400.002520000 NGN₦300,000.0050 Days
BOT 9₦67,200.003360000 NGN₦400,000.0050 Days
BOT TEST 5₦50.00150 NGN₦200.003 Hours

How To Recharge

The Minimum recharge amount is 1,500 naira and the Maximum recharge amount is #800,000. Recharge approval takes only 5 minutes to reflect in your dashboard. If after 5 minutes, your recharge is not approved, please contact customer service immediately.  Recharge approval is automatic and you can recharge everyday, 24/7.

How To Withdraw

To withdraw your earnings on gcashmining, you need to ensure you have gotten to the minimum withdrawal amount of 1,010 naira, only then can you make a withdrawal request.

Also note that Withdrawal processing takes up to 10-16 minutes. Withdrawal days are from Mondays to Saturdays between 9:30am – 5:30pm and Sundays withdrawals are opened between 11am – 5pm. Withdrawal bank charges is 3%

Is G-cashmining Legit? is one of the recently launched ponzi schemes in Nigeria that promises users huge returns on investment and after some time it would crash. So if you want to make money on this platform, ensure you join early and you refer a lot of people to register using your referral link so you can earn referral bonus. As at the time of writing, the platform is currently paying and users are able to make withdrawals and receive their money instantly.

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