Is Zumrock Legit or Scam (

In this review, we would be looking at a newly launched investment platform called Zumrock. This platform claims to be an online investment firm with the goal of providing profits from its Diverse portfolios using exquisite features built for longevity.

Join Our Investment Group offers profitable investment plans to attract users to invest in ints platform. When you invest in zumrock, you would be earning between 10% to 30% interest daily for 25 days. The minimum investment plan costs just 1500 naira and it allows you earn 180 naira daily for 25 days.

Benefits of Joining Zumrock

  • Minimum withdrawal is #800
  • First level Referral bonus is 12%
  • Second level Referral bonus isĀ  2%
  • Welcome bonus is 250#
  • Withdrawal Charge is 6%

How To Join Zumrock & Make Money

To join zumrock and start investing, follow the below steps.

Join Telegram Channel
  • Create a new account with this registration link
  • On your dashboard, click on the deposit button to add funds to your account, then follow the deposit instructions
  • After depositing funds, invest in an investment plan and withdraw your earnings daily. Investment Plans

GemstoneInitial CostDaily IncomeValidity PeriodTotal Revenue
Beryl1,50018025 days4,500
Lapis Lazuli3,00036025 days9,000
Sapphire10,0001,20025 days30,000
Quartz15,0001,80025 days45,000
Aquamarine20,0002,40025 days60,000
Ruby30,0003,60025 days90,000
Topaz50,0006,00025 days150,000
Amethyst100,00012,00025 days300,000
Emerald150,00018,00025 days450,000
Diamond200,00024,00024 days600,000


Make Money On Zumrock Via Invitation Bonus

Zumrock relies on its users inviting other users to join the platform. When you join zumrock and you invite your friends and followers to join and invest, you would earn commission weekly depending on the amount they invested. Below is how much you earn for each referral level.

  • Level 1 referral = 12%
  • Level 2 referral = 2%


Also you cane earn weekly salary based on the amount of friends you invite. Below is the salary structure of zumrock

  • Invite 10 active members and get 4,000 weekly.
  • Invite 15 active members and get 6,000 weekly
  • Invite 20 active members and get 10,000 weekly
  • Invite 30 active members and get 14,000 weekly
  • Invite 50 active members and get 20,000 weekly

Is Zumrock Legit?

Zumrock is a long term ponzi scheme that launched on 2oth of september, 2023. This is the type of ponzi scheme that last for about 2 weeks before crashing. So if you want to invest, ensure you invest early and cashout your money before it crashes.

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