Is Legit or Scam (Full Review)

In Nigeria, a lot of self acclaimed investment platforms are launching daily and promising juicy returns to people who invest. In this review, we would be looking at one of such platforms to determine if its legit or a scam. is a newly launched investment platform that claims you earn huge daily returns when you invest in any of its investment plans. The platform claims you can earn between 20% to 40% daily. The platform also has affordable investment plans with the lowest investment plan costing just 1,500 naira. When you invest in the 1500 naira plan, you get to earn 300 naira daily for 50 days.

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Benefits of Investing In

  • Welcome Bonus 100NGN
  • Minimum Deposit 1500NGN
  • Minimum Withdrawal 1000NGN
  • Launched Date is 22/10/23 Oct
  • Referral bonus is 30%

How To Join & Invest

  • To join and start making money, follow the below steps.
  • Register a new account with this registration link
  • Deposit money to your account
  • Invest in an investment plan
  • Withdraw earnings daily Investment Plans

NamePriceDaily IncomeTotal IncomeValidity period
FREE₦100.00₦40.002000 NGN50 Days
Vip 1₦1,500.00₦300.0015000 NGN50 Days
Vip 2₦3,000.00₦700.0035000 NGN50 Days
Vip 3₦5,000.00₦1,300.0065000 NGN50 Days
Vip 4₦9,500.00₦2,500.00125000 NGN50 Days
Vip 5₦15,000.00₦3,500.00175000 NGN50 Days
Vip 6₦24,000.00₦6,720.00336000 NGN50 Days
Vip 7₦48,000.00₦14,400.00720000 NGN50 Days
Vip 8₦96,000.00₦31,000.001550000 NGN50 Days
Vip 9₦190,000.00₦65,500.003275000 NGN50 Days
Vip 10₦380,000.00₦140,000.007000000 NGN50 Days
Vip 11₦750,000.00₦300,000.0015000000 NGN50 Days
Vip 12₦1,000,000.00₦450,000.0022500000 NGN50 Days


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When you refer your friends and family members to join and they invest, you earn 30% commission of the amount invested.

Is Legit?

Based on our experience with platforms like, we can conclude that its a scam and a ponzi scheme due to a lot of red flags we have discovered such as the company having anonymous owners, the company having no business operation or physical offices, etc.

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