Is Legit or Scam? is the newly cryptocurrency investment platform in Nigeria thats promising users the ability to earn daily returns just by investing on its platform. claims its related to the popular Gemini Crypto trading app. Gemininga claims users can make between 10% to 20% daily returns on investment.

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Gemininga claims its giving users the opportunity to invest in profitable Nft packages that would yield daily returns on investment for them.

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How To Make Money On

  • Register an account using this registration link
  • Login to your dashboard and click on the deposit button, follow the instructions to deposit money to your wallet.
  • After depositing, you can now invest into any nft package that you like and then earn daily returns investment Plans

NFT NamePrice(₦)Increase in One YearCycle (days)Total Income(₦)Price(₦)
Boring Ape Yacht Club55,000160%30210,00035,000
Pudgy Penguins480,000250%302,730,000350,000
Red Bean Element Bean850,000350%305,850,000650,000

Make Money From Referrals

Another way you can make money on is through the referral program. When you invite someone and the person invest in any of the Gemininga nft investment packages, you earn 20% of the investment amount. If that person refers another person, the new person is called Level 2 referral. When the level 2 referral invest in an investment package, you earn 5% of the investment amount.

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How To Withdraw

To withdraw your earnings on, the minimum withdrawal amount is 600 naira, then you can now make a withdrawal request, and when its approved, you get your earnings within minutes in your bank account.

Is Gemininga Legit is a ponzi scheme that launched on the 19th of august, 2023. The platform would crash one day, but now that it just launched, you can make a lot of money from it by joining early before it crashes. Register with this registration link and get free 600 naira bonus

32 thoughts on “Is Legit or Scam?”

  1. Sincerely. From observation, I think they are scammers cus, I actually invested #30k with them, after which I made a payment of #3k which I withdrew immediately. It took a couple of hours to arrive, after which I have tried to withdraw proceeds to no avail. Also their customer care numbers are owned by other people, who do not know their numbers are being used for the purpose that they are being used for. Since I am on their platform right now, I will keep you posted on any development. But I have a question. Do we have agencies of government that protect Nigerians from all of these kind of things? SEC I guess?

  2. It happened to me after my second withdrawal each time I try to withdraw my earnings, it gets rejected and they asked me to deposit 58,000 to unlock my withdrawals so what happened to first investment I did?? And I wonder what kind of people are posting screenshots of daily recipes stating they just with 437,455.00 and more these people are crooks let me see what will happen

    • It not gone Hello you can message me
      Don’t you dear put anything to unlock anything, just chat me up let me tell you guys what to do ,
      Though it’s risky but I’ve been withdrawing through that way

  3. Please if you have encountered the situation where you were asked to make a deposit to unlock your withdrawal and you were able to unlock your withdrawal please share.

  4. Jesus Christ I didn’t know it scam site I entered Omo I deposited 58k this afternoon and they have not credit me the ones I withdrawal and people keep posting credit alerts about them
    God o help me my last card

  5. I have been trying to withdraw
    But it keeps bouncing back and they asked me to unlock it with 98000 and invest in another package.
    Pls anyone with solution, pls help me

    • It not gone Hello you can message me
      Don’t you dear put anything to unlock anything, just chat me up let me tell you guys what to do ,

  6. They are scammers and don’t mind these ones saying they can help you. They are scammers as well.,. It is either he was scammed too


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