Is Metrowave Legit or Scam (

In this review, we would be introducing you to a newly launched affliate website called that promises users the ability to make money online by performing simple affliate tasks.

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Metrowave is a blend of Affiliate and Commerce stores built to provide an opportunity to convert users’ activities into passive income

As an Affiliate platform, Metrowave provides a system to reward its visitors/users through active participation in affiliate marketing according to our earning structure.

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Metrowave is a digital innovation that brought a new and most organized earning technique in the world of internet marketing and affiliate marketing, allowing you to make passive money online.

On metrowave, you make money by performing simple tasks such as Daily login, share posts, etc.

Benefits Of Joining

  • Simple Tasks: Metrowave jobs are simple to do with a few clicks.
  • Fast User Payouts: User payments are processed and disbursed within a few minutes of placement
  • Daily Referral Payments: Referral earnings are paid out daily as long as you have reached the minimum threshold
  • Weekly Activities Earning Payments: Activities earnings are paid out every sunday as long as you have reached the minimum threshold.
  • Massive reward programs: Participate in Metrowave reward programs to earn points that may be converted into cash. Participate in simple and lucrative Metrowave tasks to earn extra money.

How To Join

To bbegin your journey of joining metrowave and making money, follow the below steps

  1. Purchase a coupon code which cost 2,800 naira. This is required during registration. Visit the coupon vendor page on the website and contact any of the vendors to purchase a coupon code.
  2. Visit the registration page on the website and fill in your details like your name, email address, phone number and coupon code
  3. Click on the Register Button, then verify your email Address
  4. Login to your dashboard and start earning money.

Metrowave Earning Structure

  • Registration fee: 2,800 naira.
  • Welcome bonus: 1,000 naira
  • Referral Bonus: 1,000 naira.
  • Indirect Referral Bonus: 250 naira
  • 2nd Direct Referral bonus: 250 naira.
  • Daily login: 200 naira.
  • Metro post 1: 150 naira.
  • Metro Post 2: 150 naira

Start Your Earning Journey of making money on metrowave today and experience the power of the online space to make money.

Is Metrowave Legit is a legit affliate platform that operates the ponzi or pyramid scheme business model. Basically Old users make mooney when new users join the platform. THe major way you can make money on metrowave is if you refer other people to join the platform and register under you. If you dont know how to refer people, then dont join metrowave.

Another issue is if you refer someone and the person contact a coupon vendor to purchase the registraton coupon code, the vendor might collect the referral from you and convince him to register under him.

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