Is Haqqex Airdrop Legit or Scam?

Haqqex aims to create a trading environment where Islamic ethics and digital asset trading coexist harmoniously. By following these steps and actively participating in the Haqqex community, you can potentially earn ISLM bonuses and profit from Shariah-compliant crypto trading. Join Haqqex today to unleash the power of ethical crypto trading.

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Are you interested in making money while adhering to Islamic finance principles? Haqqex provides a unique opportunity for traders who want to combine crypto assets with Shariah compliance. Here’s how you can earn money with Haqqex:

  1. Register and Verify Your Account
    • Begin by registering on the Haqqex platform. Fill out the registration form with accurate information.
    • Confirm your email to complete the verification process. This step is crucial for security.
  2. Get ISLM Bonus
    • Upon successful registration, you will receive a bonus of 20 ISLM as a reward.
    • Additionally, you can earn 10 ISLM for each friend you refer to the platform. Invite your friends to join the Haqqex community.
  3. Participate in the Pre-Launch Bonus Program
    • It’s important to note that the bonus program is available only until the exchange’s official launch in October 2023.
    • Withdrawals will be possible after the launch for verified users who actively use their trading accounts.
  4. Learn and Stay Informed
    • Haqqex offers educational resources to help you understand Islamic finance, crypto trading, and more. Take advantage of these resources to make informed decisions.
    • Explore articles on topics such as crypto investing vs. trading, navigating trading signals, and the compatibility of day trading with Islamic finance principles.
  5. Use Haqqex Tools and Features
    • Haqqex provides tools designed to ensure safe and transparent trading. These tools help prevent market manipulation and protect your investments.
    • Keep an eye out for upcoming features such as transparent Islamic leverage and Shariah-compliant tokenization planned for 2025.
  6. Explore Different Trading Options
    • Haqqex offers a web platform and a mobile app, allowing you to trade conveniently from your preferred device.
    • Take advantage of algorithmic trading, OCO orders, and off-exchange transactions (OTC/P2P) to diversify your trading strategies.
  7. Stay Informed with Crypto Screener
    • Use the crypto screener to identify trading opportunities, such as overbought assets or those with increased volatility.
  8. Follow Haqqex’s Roadmap
    • Stay updated on Haqqex’s roadmap to anticipate new features and improvements coming to the platform.


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