Is Legit or Scam?

We present to you another newly launched naira investment platform where you can invest and earn daily returns on your investment.  Bitecos is one of the reasonable investment platform out there that promise to be long term. The platform gives you 5-6% daily returns on ur investment within 45days.

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Benefits Of

  • Minimum Investment is ₦3800
  • Minimum Withdrawal is ₦1000


How To Join

  • Register with this registration link
  • Deposit money to your account
  • Use the deposited money to invest in an investment plan
  • Withdraw your earnings daily


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Bitecos Investment Plans

A-J 38003800 NGN45 Days182 NGN8190 NGN
A-J 98009800 NGN45 Days490 NGN22050 NGN
A-J 2800028000 NGN45 Days1456 NGN65520 NGN
A-K 6200062000 NGN50 Days3286 NGN164300 NGN
A-K 138000138000 NGN50 Days7452 NGN372600 NGN
A-K 276000276000 NGN50 Days15180 NGN759000 NGN


Is Bitecos Legit?

Bitecos is a ponzi scheme claiming to be an investment platform. These kind of platforms do not last long as they would crash and users would loose their money

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