Premium Nin Slip Sample & How To Print

The premium NIN slip also known as the improved Nin is the latest and more advance Nin slip released by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) in Nigeria.
The Improved NIN Slip is a digital token used in Nigeria for those who have a National Identification Number (NIN). It’s designed to be more user-friendly and accessible. This new slip is smaller and can fit in a pocket. It comes in two versions: Standard and Premium. To be valid, it must display a QR code.

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The old NIN slip was larger and less portable. It had more requirements for verification and contained more information, which was a concern for data privacy. However, it served its purpose for NIN issuance.

Premium Nin Slip Sample

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How To Get The Premium Nin Slip

To obtain the premium or Improved NIN Slip, there are two methods:

  1. During enrollment.
  2. Self-service for those with older NIN slips.

You can access the Nimc portal through your smartphone, USSD call, or soon via SMS callback.

How To Use The Premium Nin Slip

When using the Improved or premium NIN Slip as identification, the Qr code must be scanned using the NIMC MWS MobileID application every time it’s presented. No photocopies or scans should be made, and it shouldn’t be used by someone else. The ID holder has the right to know who scanned their ID.

Components Of The Improved Nin Slip

The components of the Improved NIN Slip include truncated names if they are too long. This is done to maintain consistency across slips.

How To Verify The Improved Nin Slip

To verify the Improved NIN Slip, the ID holder must have an active NIN and be in possession of the slip. The verification process involves downloading a verification sheet from the NIMC Portal, using login credentials from the NIMC MWS app. Only the person who conducted the verification or an appointed Enterprise Administrator can access the document. The verification sheet contains details of the ID holder, the verifier’s UserID, a transaction ID, and the type of verification made (NIN, BasicID, FullID, or Virtual NIN), along with the verification status.

Terms and Conditions Of The Premium Nin Slip

What’s permitted:

  • Owners can make copies and laminate them.
  • Verifiers can scan the barcode and print the PDF for verification.

What’s forbidden:

  • Verifiers cannot scan or make copies of the NIN Slip, take screenshots of another person’s ID, or modify its contents.

How to Print Your Improved NIN Slip

To print your Improved NIN Slip, follow these steps:

Method 1 – Using MWS Mobile ID App:

  1. Open the MWS Mobile ID app and enter your PIN.
  2. Select “PRINT NIN SLIP” on the home screen.
  3. Log in with your “USERID” and “OTP.”
  4. Choose between Premium and Standard NIN Slip.
  5. For Premium, tap “Pay With Remita.” For Standard, tap the hamburger icon, select “Print Standard NIN Slip,” and then “Pay With Remita.”
  6. Make the payment (preferably with a card).
  7. Wait for a successful transaction message.
  8. Download your NIN slip.

Method 2 – Using Online Portal:

  1. Ensure you have your NIN and the NIMC MWS Mobile ID app installed.
  2. Visit or
  3. Access the NIMC MWS Mobile ID app and tap “SECURITY PIN.”
  4. Note your “UserID” and “One Time PIN (OTP).”
  5. If you don’t have a smartphone, dial 3462*Your NIN# to get the UserID and OTP via SMS.
  6. Log in to the portal using the UserID and OTP.
  7. Go to the “Print Premium Slip” or “Print Standard Slip” section on the portal.
  8. Make the payment and download the front and rear parts of your slip as a PDF.
  9. Print, cut, fold, and laminate your Improved NIN Slip.


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