Is Hawkit Legit or Scam (

Hawkit is a platform that helps members earn money while engaging in various activities on their website. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the workings of Hawkit, determine whether it is a legitimate opportunity or a potential scam, and discuss the registration process.

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Given the economic difficulties in Nigeria, people are facing challenging times. The cost of living is rising daily, and it can be difficult to sustain oneself. Nevertheless, individuals are determined to survive, which is why many are embarking on a journey towards financial freedom, seeking opportunities to make money online from the comfort of their homes.

For those who have succeeded in finding legitimate sources of online income, congratulations to you all. However, for newcomers to this realm, I urge you to pay close attention to this Hawkit review. Here, you will find answers to crucial questions regarding the platform’s credibility.

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About is a website that allows members to earn money by reading news and performing various online tasks, including commenting, liking, following, sharing, and more. Active members have the opportunity to earn up to 5,000 Naira daily by completing tasks on the platform using their smartphones, all from the comfort of their homes.

The membership on this platform is not restricted to any particular group. Workers, students, housewives, and employees alike can leverage this platform to make money.

Hawkit is described as a platform that pays members for completing social media tasks. It collects tasks from individuals or businesses seeking particular services, assigns these tasks to its members, and pays them a portion of the money collected from advertisers. It’s as simple as that.

In summary, Hawkit collects money from entrepreneurs who wish to gain more followers on Instagram and converts this into tasks for members to like, share, and comment on the posts of those entrepreneurs.

This way, they help people increase their Instagram followers while compensating Hawkit members for performing these activities.

How to Make Money on Hawkit

There are several ways members can earn money on Hawkit. Here is a breakdown of how to earn money on the platform:


  1. Google Play App Review: Similar to the Apple Store review, members can earn ₦30 per review by downloading and reviewing selected apps from the Google Play Store. This task offers a slightly lower payout compared to the Apple Store review.
  2. Subscription to YouTube Channels: Hawkit provides tasks where members can earn ₦30 by subscribing to specific YouTube channels. They will be given a link that directs them to YouTube, and by subscribing to the designated channels, they can earn money. The more channels they subscribe to, the more they can earn.
  3.  Apple Store Review: Performing reviews on the Apple Store is the highest-paying activity on Hawkit. Active members can earn ₦60 per review. To participate
  4. WhatsApp Status: Members have the opportunity to earn ₦20 for each post they make on their WhatsApp Status. Business owners and individuals are constantly seeking larger audiences to promote their products and services. As a Hawkit member, they can post advertisements on their WhatsApp Status and earn money for each post. The more posts they make, the more they can earn.
  5. Performing Tasks: This is the primary method of making money on the platform. Hawkit emphasizes that it is a platform where members can earn money by completing social media tasks. Some of these activities include: Liking social media posts, following accounts, commenting, etc.


Our Verdict

Hawkit is a legit platform that really pays as long as you complete your tasks and dont tey to circumvent the platform. The more task you do, the more you earn.

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