Is Mtfe Trading Legit or Scam?

Is the MTFE trading platform a scam or legit. This is a question raised by many Nigerians about the recently launched Mtfe Trading platform that promises to make investors a lot of money. In this post, we would be reviewing the platform and provide credible verdict so intending investors would not be scammed.

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How to Register For Mtfe Trading Platform

To register for mtfe, you first need to download the app from aple app store or google playstore.After that, open the app and click on the Register option. There are two registration methods: email and phone number. Next, selects country, Nigeria. Then a verification code would be sent to your email or phone number, retrieve it and input on the app. Then you can now set your password. Thats the end of the registration.

Once logged in, you can verify your account through the KYC (Know Your Customer) process.  Navigate to the profile section and clicks on Security Authentication to initiate Kyc verification.

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To complete your verification, users need to provide their personal information, such as their real name, email, national ID card number, bank account number, and bank name. After submitting the information, the account will undergo verification, and when successful, the profile will show as verified.

With a verified account, you can now start trading with the MTFE robot.

How To Trade

MTFE is designed for Forex traders, and it offers a range of services including commodities, indices, stock markets, and cryptocurrencies. With the help of AI technology, we have been making substantial profits on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. To start trading, fund your wallet and select a trading robot. The robot would pay you daily from the profits it made placing trades for you.

How To Withdraw

To withdraw your funds from MTFE, Click on your profile to access your account details. Once you’re in your profile, you will see your assets displayed. It’s important to note that your assets are where the robot locates your money for trading. Before proceeding with the withdrawal, you must stop the robot from trading. This can be done by turning off the AI button, which we’ll cover later.

After ensuring the AI is turned off, navigate to your wallet and click on the “Transfer” option. This step is necessary because you need to move the money from your assets to your wallet before making the withdrawal to your external wallet. Select the amount you wish to withdraw, ensuring you have a compatible external wallet such as Trust Wallet, Google Wallet, or Binance Wallet. Avoid withdrawing directly to your bank account.

Next, confirm the transfer. Please note that the processing time for withdrawals is approximately 24 hours. It’s crucial to initiate the withdrawal process ahead of time to ensure timely arrival of the funds in your external wallet. Once the funds are in your wallet, you can proceed to the next step.

The following day, when the funds have arrived in your wallet, click on the “Withdraw” option. Enter the desired withdrawal amount and provide the address of your external wallet. Make sure to select the appropriate network that matches your external wallet to avoid any issues with the transfer.

Our Verdict

From our review while using the Mtfe app, we can conclude that its a ponzi scheme that expects new investors to keep pouring money in for it to survive. Later On, its going to crash. So please do not invest so as not to loose your money

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