Is Legit or Scam?

ICTNETWORK ( is a new money making platform that just launched in Nigeria. It allow users make money from performing simple tasks like daily login, commenting on posts, referrers, etc. There is no limit on the amount of money you can earn on this platform. Another exciting thing about is the fact that they offer different bonuses to their users.
When you join IctNetwork, you get access to the following benefits

Join Our Investment Group

  • Registration Fee: #900 (monthly)
  • Welcome Bonus: #400
  • Daily Site Visit: #200
  • ICT Tasks: #200
  • Referral Bonus: #600 (each person you invite)
  • AFFILIATE CASHOUT: Monday and Friday‚Äôs (twice a week) with a minimum of #1,200
  • ACTIVITY CASHOUT: Is every 28th of the month with a minimum of #3000

How to Join iCTNG

To get started, interested individuals need to purchase registration coupon for just N900 monthly. Upon registration, new members receive a welcome bonus of N400, which serves as a rewarding incentive to begin their journey with iCTNG.

How to Make Money On

Ictng offers various ways users can make money on its platform, ranging from simple daily tasks to referral bonuses and regular cashouts. below are the ways you can make money on ictng

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Daily Logins: Ictng encourages users to log in daily, as each login rewards them with a bonus of N200, which adds to their earnings.

Menial Social Tasks: Engaging in simple social tasks is one of the primary ways to earn money on iCTNG. These tasks can easily be completed using a smartphone or PC, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Content Promotion: For content creators and influencers looking to gain exposure, iCTNG provides an opportunity to make their content go viral at a low rate of N9,999 per month. This feature helps users promote their content across various social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, or Tiktok pages, ensuring broader reach and potential monetization opportunities.

Digital Asset Trading: iCTNG facilitates the buying, selling, and trading of digital assets with the platform acting as an escrow. With a transaction fee of 5%, users can engage in secure and hassle-free transactions.

Make Money through Referrals

One of the most appealing aspects of iCTNG is the opportunity to boost earnings through referrals. By inviting friends and family to join iCTNG using a unique referral link, users can earn N600 per successful referral. Although referrals are not mandatory to earn money on iCTNG, they present a lucrative means to increase monthly earnings significantly.

Is Legit?

While seems to be a legit platform to make money, we cannot guarantee the site would last long. You can give it a try, as the only money you stand to loose is just 900 naira.

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