Is Legit or Scam?

UPSURE ( is an automated trading robot platform that gives 6% to 10% daily returns on investment from renting its trading robot to invest for you. The trading bot works for 5 – 30 days. So basically Upsure is a tech and trading company that has developed state of the art trding robots thats trades the cryptocurrency and forex markets and make profit.

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To make money from upsure, you have to rent one of its trading bots. Upsure offers a wide variation of bot with each offereing different returns and price. When you invest in a bot, upsure automatically deploys the bot to start trading with your investment amount, and thats how you make your daily returns.

You can earn up to 60% returns on investment when you invest in upsure.

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These are the benefits you get when you invest in upsure.

  • Minimum investment amount is 1,000 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is 1,000 naira
  • You get 100 naira welcome bonus
  • Invest 1,000 naira and get 600 naira daily

How To make Money on

Make Money From Investing

To start investing and making money on, follow the below steps.

  • Create an account using this registration link
  • After creating an account, login to your dashboard using your credentials.
  • To start investing, you need to deposit or recharge your wallet.
  • Click on the recharge button at the top, Select a payment gateway (Bank Deposit, TRX, USDT)
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit and click on the “Submit” button, then follow the instructions to make payment
  • After making payment, you can now start investing. On your homepage, click on the invest button, select the investment plans you are interested in and then click on “Invest Now”.

When you create an account on upsure, you automatically get a welcome bonus of 100 naira. To try out the lowest investment plan which costs 1,000 naira, you can basically fund your wallet with 900 naira and invest in the lowest trading bot which pays 600 naira daily.

Make Money From Referrals

Another way you can make money on upsure is through referrals. When you refer other people to join the platform, you earn a commission of their deposit. This is also one of the fastest way to make money on upsure.

Upsure Investment Packages

Bot NameDaily ProfitTotal ProfitPrice Range
UpSure Promo Bot₦600.00 EVERY DAY₦3000 NGN₦1,000.00
UpSureBot 1₦300.00 EVERY DAY₦9000 NGN₦3,000.00
UpSureBot 2₦500.00 EVERY DAY₦15000 NGN₦5,000.00
UpSureBot 3₦3,000.00 EVERY DAY₦90000 NGN₦15,000.00
UpSureBot 4₦5,000.00 EVERY DAY₦150000 NGN₦30,000.00
UpSureBot 5₦6,000.00 EVERY DAY₦180000 NGN₦50,000.00
UpSureBot 6₦8,500.00 EVERY DAY₦255000 NGN₦70,000.00
UpSureBot 7₦11,500.00 EVERY DAY₦345000 NGN₦100,000.00
UpSureBot 8₦15,000.00 EVERY DAY₦450000 NGN₦150,000.00
UpSureBot 9₦20,000.00 EVERY DAY₦600000 NGN₦200,000.00
UpSureBot 10₦25,000.00 EVERY DAY₦750000 NGN₦300,000.00
UpSureBot 11₦30,000.00 EVERY DAY₦900000 NGN₦450,000.00
UpSureBot 12₦45,000.00 EVERY DAY₦1350000 NGN₦600,000.00
UpSureBot 13₦55,000.00 EVERY DAY₦1650000 NGN₦750,000.00
UpSureBot 14₦70,000.00 EVERY DAY₦2100000 NGN₦1,000,000.00
UpSure Annual Bot2.50% EVERY DAY₦45625000 NGN₦10,000.00 – ₦5,000,000.00


How To Withdraw

To withdraw your earnings from upsure, you need to ensure you have made up to the minimum withdrawal amount which is 1,000 naira. Only then can yo withdraw. To place a withdraw request, login to your dashboard with your creddentials, click on the withdraw button and  enter the amount you want to withdraw, then enter your account details. You would receive your money in your bank account within 24 hours.

Is Upsure Legit or Scam?

Upsure is a scam and a ponzi scheme. So invest the amount you can afford to loose. To Register on, use this registration link

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