Is Jollyfundz Legit or Scam (

jollyfundz ( is a new money making and investment platform that just launched in Nigeria. It claims its goal is to utilize users money and provide a source of high income while minimising the any possibility of risk.

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Jollyfundz claims to be a certified company that conducts absolutely legal activities, and they constantly work on improving their system and level of security to minimize any potential risks.

Jollyfundz claims to be an international company working globally and having clients from different parts of the world. when you invest with them, they use your money to perform profitable trade which  are performed by qualified professional traders and provide a high income.

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How To Make Money On JollyFundz

To start making money on Jollyfundz, create an account with this registration link

Then invest in Professional and Reliable assets where jollyfunds would utilize your money and offer you the best returns on your investment in a very secure way.

How It Works

Jollyfundz functions in the following way:

  1. Utilize Your Money: Jollyfundz’s skilled traders make use of your money to generate a good income for you.
  2. Recharge: Adding money is simple with Jollyfundz. Jollyfundz offers a straightforward deposit method. Just get a recharge ePin from Jollyfundz’s helpful WhatsApp Support.
  3. Purchase Assets: Jollyfundz’s team of experts and traders work consistently to invest your money in the market, aiming for the best profit rates.
  4. Daily Earnings: With Jollyfundz, you can earn money every day. Whenever you have at least ₦1,000, you’re able to withdraw your earnings.

Jollyfundz Investment Packages

GemstoneDaily ReturnsFrequencyInvest Amount
Opal500 NGNDay / 20 Times₦ 2500
Garnet1250 NGNDay / 20 Times₦ 6250
Amethyst2500 NGNDay / 20 Times₦ 12500
Citrine5000 NGNDay / 20 Times₦ 25000
Topaz7500 NGNDay / 20 Times₦ 37500
Aquamarine10000 NGNDay / 20 Times₦ 50000
Emerald20000 NGNDay / 20 Times₦ 100000
Ruby25000 NGNDay / 20 Times₦ 125000
Sapphire50000 NGNDay / 20 Times₦ 250000
Diamond75000 NGNDay / 20 Times₦ 375000
Pearl125000 NGNDay / 20 Times₦ 625000
Kohinoor250000 NGNDay / 20 Times₦ 1250000


Is Jollyfundz Legit?

Jollyfundz is a ponzi scheme and a scam platform setup with the intent of defrauding Nigerians. Jollyfundz initially launched in June, 2023 and crashed by 3rd of July, 2023. Now the same scammers are relaunching the platform in August to defraud more users. The system might initially pay users to attract new investors, but after some time, it would crash and stop paying people.

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