Is Pure Vest Legit or Scam (

Purevest ( is a new investment website that just launched today, 14/08/2023. The platform claims users can make daily returns of 10% of their investment amount. So it means if you invest 20,000 naira, you get to earn 2,000 naira daily. This is a really good opportunities for a lot of Nigerians who are looking for investment website where they can earn extra cash from the comfort of their home.

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Purevest is a business website, when you invest in purevest, the company uses your money for business deals and they pay you daily returns of 10% of your invested amount.

Benefits Of Joining Purevest

  • Minimum withdrawal 300 naira
  • Minimum deposit of 500 naira
  • Invest 1000 naira and get 100 naira daily valid for 31 days
  • Invest 2000 naira and get 200 naira daily valid for 31 days
  • Invest 4000 naira and get 400 naira daily valid for 31 days
  • Invest 8000 naira and get 700 naira daily valid for 31 days

How To Invest & Make Money

  1. Create an account on Purevest through this registration link
  2. Login with your credentials and click on “Deposit” menu on the left hand side to deposit cash to your wallet.
  3. An account number would be generated, make payment to it and also upload evidence of payment on that same page.
  4. Select the investment package you want to invest in. The various investment packages are listed below
  5. Invest and track your earnings.

Purevest Investment Plans

For31 Times31 Times31 Times3131 Times31 Times31 Times31 Times31 Times
BonusLevel 1Level 1Level 1LevelLevel 1Level 1Level 1Level 1Level 1
Level 25%5%5%5%5%5%5%5%5%
Level 31%1%1%1%1%1%1%1%


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How To Withdraw

You can withdraw your earnings on purevest when you earn up to the minimum withdrawal amount of 300 naira. also the maximum you can withdraw at a time is 100,000 naira.

Is Legit?

Purevest is ponzi scheme. The platform would crash later on as ponzi scheme business model is not sustainable. But the good side is that the platform just launched today 14th of August, 2023. So if you invest today, you would cashout a lot of money before it collapses.
Register with this registration url and get free 500 naira welcome bonus

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