Is Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, we would be analysing a which is a newly launched invest to earn platform in Nigeria that claims to alow people invest in electric charging stations and earn income daily. A lot of companies like this have launched in Nigeria, and they turned out to be scam. This is why we are making this review, so you can know everything about and also find out if its scam or legit so you dont loose your hard earned money.

Join Our Investment Group claims to be the official investment platform for Naas technology which is a charging service company in China and has a lot of charging stations spread across china.

Website url:
Invitation url:
Launched Date:29th November, 2023
Domain Registration Date:28th November, 2023
Domain Expiry Date:28th November, 2024
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission25%
Referral Commission25%
No. of Visits526
Last Visit:30 days ago


Join Telegram Channel Features & Benefits

  1. Launched on 29th November, 2023
  2. Minimum recharge:N2,500
  3. Minimum withdrawal:N600
  4. Welcome bonus: 500
  5. No withdrawals fee

How To Register On

  1. Go to and click the link that says “CLICK HERE” to go to the sign-up page.
  2. On the login page, find the words “CREATE NOW” below the login form and click on it.
  3. Fill in the registration form with your information. This includes your mobile number, captcha code, and password.
  4. After filling out the form, click on the button that says “SIGN UP” to complete your registration.
  5. Congratulations! You’ve successfully made your account. You’ll receive a free N100 sign-up bonus, which will be added to your deposit balance.
  6. You’ll be automatically taken to your user dashboard, confirming that your account has been successfully created. Investment Plans

PlanPlan AmountProfit CycleDaily ProfitTotal Profit
VIP Product 12,500.00 NGN35 Days₦625.00 NGN21,875 NGN NGN
VIP Product 26,300.00 NGN35 Days₦1,575.00 NGN55,125 NGN NGN
VIP Product 310,700.00 NGN35 Days₦2,675.00 NGN93,625 NGN NGN
VIP Product 415,250.00 NGN35 Days₦3,812.00 NGN133,420 NGN NGN
VIP Product 525,670.00 NGN35 Days₦6,417.00 NGN224,595 NGN NGN
VIP Product 635,780.00 NGN35 Days₦8,945.00 NGN313,075 NGN NGN
VIP Product 755,880.00 NGN35 Days₦13,970.00 NGN488,950 NGN NGN
VIP Product 880,900.00 NGN35 Days₦20,225.00 NGN707,875 NGN NGN
VIP Product 9150,000.00 NGN38 Days₦37,500.00 NGN1,425,000 NGN NGN
VIP Product 10200,000.00 NGN35 Days₦50,000.00 NGN1,750,000 NGN NGN
VIP Product 11400,000.00 NGN35 Days₦100,000.00 NGN3,500,000 NGN NGN
VIP Product 121,000,000.00 NGN35 Days₦250,000.00 NGN8,750,000 NGN NGN

Details About

IP Address

Nameservers Red Flags

  1. The company’s has no social media presence.
  2. The company’s leadership team lacks transparency about their backgrounds and qualifications.
  3. The company fails to provide a clear breakdown of how investor funds will be utilized.
  4. The company’s marketing materials lack concrete examples of successful investors.

Is Legit or Scam? is a Ponzi scheme impersonating Naas Technology which is an ev charging company with charging stations spread across china. The main aim of is to impersonate nass technology to decieve people into investing in its ponzi scheme which would probably not last more than a week.

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