Is Real or Scam?


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Launched Date:18th November, 2023
Domain Registration Date:28th October, 2023
Domain Expiry Date:28th October, 2024
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission5%
Referral Commission10%
No. of Visits393
Last Visit:44 hours ago


Join Our Investment Group Features & Benefits

  1. Minimum deposit 4000
  2. Minimum withdraw 800
  3. Withdrawal processing is 24-48hours.
  4. Referral commission 10%
  5. Withdrawal charges 5%
  6. Level B team income 3%
  7. Level C team income 2% Investment Plans

ModelStatusPriceDaily IncomeValidity PeriodTotal Income
E-001Hot₦4,000.00₦200.0036 Days₦7,200.00
E-002Hot₦8,500.00₦425.0036 Days₦15,300.00
E-003Hot₦18,000.00₦900.0037 Days₦33,300.00
E-004Hot₦35,000.00₦1,750.0037 Days₦64,750.00
E-005Hot₦54,000.00₦2,700.0038 Days₦102,600.00
E-006Hot₦72,000.00₦3,600.0038 Days₦136,800.00


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Nameservers Red Flags

  1. The company’s social media presence appears fake; verifying links and followers is essential.
  2. The company’s leadership team has a history of involvement in other scams.
  3. The company provides unusual contact information, requiring verification.
  4. The company lacks verifiable reviews on various platforms, unlike authentic sites.

Is Legit or Scam? is a ponzi scheme that was launched more than 2 weeks ago. There is a high chance that the platform has crashed and if you invest in it, you wount get paid. Avoid it

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