Is Norland Investment Legit or Scam

Norland investment platform is the latest of money making investment platform in Nigeria. If you are looking for alternative sources of income to use to augment your main income, then you would be interested in this new MLM business we are about to introduce to you.

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In Nigeria current economy, having multiple streams of income has become essential for financial stability and security. One way to achieve this is by exploring the opportunity presented by Norland Industrial Group or Investment platform, a multinational company that offers a unique business model known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). This blog post aims to shed light on how Norland can serve as a pathway to earning additional income and potentially become a major income source for those who invest wisely.

Norland is a Chinese direct selling company that manufactures health products and operates under a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) system. Its members are sales agents who market and sell Norland products, earning bonuses through the Binary Compensation Plan. For a better understanding, you can research the Binary Compensation Plan online.

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What is Norland Investment Platform

Norland Industrial Group operates in over 50 countries, making it an international opportunity for those seeking to make extra income. This MLM platform allows individuals to be in control of their finances, and the company offers a wide range of high-quality products for sale. Let’s explore some of Norland’s top-selling products:

  1. Detox Pack: A powerful product that detoxifies the body systematically and reduces the period of treatment for terminal diseases.
  2. Vision Vital Capsule: Helps to improve eyesight and combat various eye-related issues.
  3. GI Vital Softgel: Aids in gastrointestinal health and digestion, making it an effective solution for various digestive issues.
  4. Male Health Pad and Female Health Pad: Specialized pads that cater to specific gender-related health concerns.
  5. Alkaline Coffee: A beverage that promotes respiratory health, balances body pH, and boosts the immune system.
  6. Energy Bracelet: Provides increased stamina and reduces radiation from electronic devices.
  7. Magic Frying Pan: A non-stick pan that reduces oil consumption and promotes a healthier cooking experience.

How To Join Norland Investment Platform

Becoming a member of Norland is relatively simple,you need to purchase the products directly from the company at distributor prices. The points earned from these purchases qualify you as a member, and you will receive a unique membership code for future shopping.

Benefits of Norland Membership:

  1. Weekly Income: Norland offers its members the opportunity to earn a regular weekly income.
  2. Incentives: Members can earn incentives such as brand new cars and all-expenses-paid luxury vacations abroad.
  3. Multiple Streams of Income: Norland allows members to build multiple streams of income by referring others to join the business.

Norland Investment Membership Packages

Norland offers several membership packages with different benefits and income potential. These packages include Bros Member, Senior Member, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

  • Bros Member: Membership cost is 167,000 units. If you bring two people with the Bros Member package, you’ll receive 58,000 naira in cash and 80,000 naira worth of free products.
  • Promo Package: Although many people may consider starting with the Promo Package due to its lower cost (50,000 naira), it may not help generate significant PV (point value) for your business. Hence, it’s better to focus on building the business first.
  • Senior Member: With a membership cost of 87,000 naira, you can earn 50,000 naira for each new member you bring in.
  • Bronze: Membership cost is 250,000 units. If you bring two Bronze members, you’ll earn 112,000 naira and 160,000 naira worth of free products.
  • Silver: Joining as a Silver member requires an investment of 700,000 naira. By bringing two Silver members, you can earn 324,000 naira and 350,000 naira worth of free products.
  • Gold: With a membership cost of 1,000,000 naira, bringing two Gold members will earn you 953,000 units and 540,000 units worth of free products.
  • Diamond: The highest level of membership costs 1,750,000 naira. By bringing two Diamond members, you’ll earn 1,300,000 naira and 650,000 naira worth of free products.

To Join Norland Investment platform, contact any of the below distributor

  1. Ibadan: Mrs Korede Aderonke – 08033588084
  2. Lagos (Lagos-Ibadan Expressway): Mr Segun – 08036030232
  3. Abuja: Mr Ayo – 08185318435
  4. Osogbo and Osun Region: Mr Matthew – 08052275346
  5. Lagos (HighLand, VI, Lekki): Mrs Folashade – 08091905529
  6. Abakaliki and Anambra Region: Okey Ogbona – 08037189098
  7. Benin and Edo Region: Moses – 09069157109
  8. Lagos (Mushin Area): Mr Sola – 07031880634
  9. Lagos (Mainland): Mrs Folashade – 07034153547
  10. Abeokuta: Pharmacist Mrs Ajakaye – 08067448399
  11. Ibadan: Apostle Paul – 08060714372

Bonuses You Earn On Norland Investment Platform

  1. Good Performance Bonus: Your percentage for this bonus is based on your membership level. The higher your level, the higher your monthly ceiling. For example, Diamond members can earn up to 38,400,000 naira per month.
  2. Leadership Bonus: Leadership bonuses are earned based on the performance of your team. Different percentages apply to different generations of members you recruit.
  3. Retail Order 20 Bonus: This bonus allows you to earn 20% of the retail order amount when you do your 28 PV minimum retail order.
  4. Maintenance Bonus: To enjoy this bonus, make sure to do your 28 PV retail order every month.
  5. Fortune Card Bonus: By activating the Fortune Card for a one-time fee, you can receive daily bonuses.
  6. Car and House Incentives: As you grow in the business, you become eligible for car and house awards.

Is Norland Investment a Scam

Norland is a legit company that provides viable opportunity for generating extra income through its MLM business model. By investing in high-quality products and leveraging the power of referrals, individuals can enjoy a steady flow of income and potentially turn Norland into a major income stream. Diversifying income sources is essential in today’s world, and Norland provides a promising avenue to achieve financial stability and security. Embrace the opportunity, invest wisely, and reap the rewards of additional income through Norland business.

Users also need to be careful as there are a lot of fake Norland investment platforms that imitate the original and promise to double your money in few days, run from them and only contact the approved agents through the numbers we provided above.

8 thoughts on “Is Norland Investment Legit or Scam”

  1. Dear Sir, my name are Amusitan Babatunde Emmanuel from ilaje local government , Ondo State of Nigeria. Phone number 09058310304. I have just been scam by some elements of fraudulent activities online on Facebook in the name of Norland investment which has equally given me the impression that Norland investment is a scam
    investment organizationn and there is a serious need for Norland investment management to act fast and rise against this set of unhealthy minded set of people who are trying to Black your organization, Norland investment out there mostly on Facebook. Am currently working towards retrieving my money from the appropriate Banks they’re using for this evil act. Pampay and Polaris bank. I will be very grateful to have your support to expose the work of those bad elements trying to tarnished the good image of your wonderful organization. Norland investment on Facebook. I will appreciate if I could have any means to reach out to Norland investment administrators through phone number, emails or customer service representative line for more information I am looking forward to seeing your concentration Sir Thanks

  2. In addition, The names of the moderator and Head of Administrator claimed to be Mr Benjamin Sunday with the account name Norland international investment from Polaris bank . Account number :6014066592 and other person who claimed to be head of Administrator with the account of pampay limited with the Name CHRITIANAH OGUNNIRAN account number:8900771697. Which they claimed that when you invest from #10,000 upward , you get times two of what you invest in 2hrs time. Your management need to
    act fast just to avoid further damage of the company name Norland organization. Thanks for your cooperation.

  3. I was also scammed yesterday with the sum of 6500 ,the name of the woman is Dr folashade yemi esan, with access bank account number , please do something about it,after she collected my money they changed their profile and block me, have been trying to reach them since yesterday but no way

  4. [10/2, 16:56] +234 913 807 5723: *ACCOUNT DETAILS*

    Account Name


    Account Number 9619843905

    [10/2, 16:56] +234 913 807 5723: Make your transfer now to the company account and forward me the screenshot
    [10/2, 17:09] +234 913 807 5723: Are you done,

  5. Norland investment platform is a scam was a victim yesterday of the sum of 40,000 the admin name is William Sunday under cover name is Ernest adebayo phone number 09077911472

  6. My name is Adewale Emmanuel, I was scam yesterday by so call name Norland investment international with sum #30000 naira with name pastor Emmanuel WEMA BANK A/NO 0275228024 A/name Sunday owolabi also O PAY 9066935776 try to tackle this scamer before they destroy your company I will be looking forward for your reply the WhatsApp no of the scamer 09068345185 and 08107577641


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